Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mother-to-Be at Sunrise

My daughter had her maternity pictures done over the weekend. (You can read a tiny bit about her journey to motherhood here.)

As someone who grew up with a camera in my hand, and did children's photography way back when, I was blown away by these images. They are, indeed, magical to me, and I teared up as I scrolled through them...for so many reasons. The quilt in the pictures was made by my mother years ago, using Leslie's fabric scraps. I can't wait for Mother to see them.

Click on this link: to see the breathtaking shots.


  1. They say a Mother gives her beauty to her unborn daughter during pregnancy.
    Are you sure she isn't having a boy?
    She is BEAUTIFUL! And the pictures will be cherished for years.

    1. Thank you, Christine. They tell us it's a girl. :-)

  2. All of the photos were breathtaking! Les is a natural beauty and will, no doubt, have a beautiful baby.

  3. All the photos were sooo good. Your daughter is just beautiful. How excited you must be. Enjoy this time!

  4. Whoa! Your daughter's beauty choked me up! She's so excited to be a mother. You can sense her elation in these breathtaking images. Her photographer captured the genuine joy of these precious moments.

    And that little denim jacket/dress ensemble is adorable! I think I need one for myself! Oh, and an AWEsome quilt to cherish, too! Priceless!


  5. They are breathtaking.............

  6. What lovely images, Gayle. I can see how you grew misty-eyed!

  7. They are wonderful, and she is just gorgeous! Thank you so much for letting us see them. I can totally understand how you would start to cry just looking at them. I think the black and whites are my favorites of all.

  8. Thanks, y'all, for the kind comments. Us mothers love our offspring. :-)