Sunday, July 24, 2016

Savoring the Moments ~ Arabella and Me

Friday afternoon, I was needing some of my grand niece's sugar, so I texted her mother and she said come on over. They were looking out the front door when I drove into the driveway, and seeing their smiles made my heart glad.

Arabella is growing so fast, and learning something new every day, I'm sure. I wish I could pause the moments of her life, but all I can do is savor the ones we share.

As I sat next to her on the couch, breathing in her innocence, I thought of the world in which we live, where evil runs rampant. It's a dark place in many ways, but thank God for kids, the song says. They give us reasons to keep loving, and hoping and praying for brighter tomorrows. ♦


  1. Oh, our darling Arabella! She brings so much sweetness and joy to our lives. I'm so glad she has you, and you have her. I get teary-eyed almost daily, watching her change and grow, but such is the way of life. All we can do is squeeze the goodness out of each moment spent together.

  2. Amen that, sweet Aunt Gayle. *mwah*


  3. Ahhh yes.
    Watching those precious souls grow and change is heart wrenching at times, when we realize how quickly it is happening.
    But, as you say we can savor each moment and looking back, know that we took in every blessed breath with mindful gratitude.
    Hugs, my friend. : )

  4. These are precious moments that the two of you the photos. Yes, children are bright lights in this dark world. Thank you for sharing your moments with us :)

  5. Oh, that precious, little girl! I remember my dear Mom saying that sometimes the only encouragement she could find was in the smile of a child. They are a piece of Heaven sent to earth. Surely God knows what each one of us needs to help us get through this life. So thankful you have dear, little Arabella! She is just adorable. Sending you big hugs, sweet friend. :)