Sunday, September 15, 2013

Saturday at Nonni's House

My sweet granddaughter spent the night with me Friday night, and I kept her all day Saturday while her mother did some shopping. She is such a joy.

No matter how tired I get from lifting, and bending, and stooping, and holding, just a smile from her (and there are always plenty!) makes me forget any aches I have.

While I was busy in the kitchen, she sat on the island in her bouncer, watching Nonni and the world go by. I wish I could keep her this little and this innocent for a long, long time. But, alas, that isn't how this baby stuff works. Little today; grown tomorrow.

Big Sister stopped in for some Audrey time, and it was sweetness all around. She has a way with babies, and Audrey was quite intrigued.

Around sundown, mommy returned for her bundle of joy. It was a reunion of sorts. Lots of cooing going on. As they drove away into the night, I thanked God for my countless blessings and for the many good gifts he bestows each day. ♦


  1. She's so sweet. I miss having babies around. My youngest grandkid is 10. Enjoy.

  2. Such sweet, sweet pictures of precious pie. She already has the cutest little personality. I love her so much.

  3. Such sweet pictures! Time spent with grandbabies is some of the best ever spent!

  4. Precious pictures! Being a grandma is the best!