Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Grand Grandparents Day

Last weekend was Grandparents Day, and what a grand weekend it was, spending time among the pines with my parents, my daughter and my granddaughter. Thank you, Leslie, for planning it!

Here are a few pictures to give you a general idea of what went down, and I'll weave a little tale as we go along.

 The road home is always a beautiful one for me.
I know unconditional love is waiting.
But not just unconditional love.
A pistachio cake was cooling on the counter. The sweet aroma sent sugary shockwaves surging through my veins. Ah. What a glorious weekend this was going to be.
Miss Audrey had been the ideal passenger, overall, but didn't nap much along the way. So after a brief hello to the great-grands, she was catching up on her sleep.
 Here she is in the carseat on the ride over, looking perfect.
 And here she is napping on Big Nana's guest bed.
Pardon the grainy picture. The room was totally dark.
While Audrey slept, Leslie helped her nana with photo albums, I worked on crossword puzzles, and Daddy sat around and took it all in. Of course, the pistachio cake was the center of everything I did. Honestly. I lost count of how many pieces I ate.
Once the grandbaby woke up, we decided we better take full advantage and let her entertain the grandparents before she fell back to sleep, which, according to her mother, was imminent.
I thought my daughter captured a prize-winning photo of us, piled on the couch, totally enamored by the newest member of the family. For me, this picture stirs up feelings of long ago, when families stayed together and simple things were enough.
I found it quite fitting (and so very special) that I am wearing my maternal grandmother's "housecoat," taken from Mother's stash in the upstairs closet. Grandmother Kynerd would have loved Audrey, her great-great granddaughter. Of that, I am certain.
I took boo-coodles of pictures, but I will spare you the time and just post one other one that I loved from this setting.
I love how Audrey's feet are firmly plopped on Mother's chest. She has no idea who she is entertaining. Could be the Queen of England for all she knows. That's what makes babies so special.
After Audrey was down for the night, my sweet daughter handed out gifts to one and all. Yay! Gifts!
 This was my gift, and I dearly love it. I have a small collection of Willow Tree figurines, and this one just might be my favorite. The description says, "Grandmother. A unique love that transcends the years."
If anybody is still reading, bless you. The story goes on.
Early Sunday morning, after helping Leslie give Audrey an impromptu bath (thanks to some impromptu throwing up), I lotioned her up, wrapped her up and took her to my room for some Nonni time before getting dressed for church.
 Judging by her expressions in these photos, she got a bit of lotion on her fingers and wasn't too sure about the taste. The last one makes me laugh out loud.
Before leaving for church, I posed on the couch with my precious grandbaby. Words simply can't tell how much I love this child, and how much joy she has brought into my life in her 12 short weeks of living. I pray I can bring her half as much joy in the years to come.
 After church, a few more shots before delving into fried chicken.
 Leslie and her adorable Audrey.
 Leslie and her grandparents. (How I love each one.)

 Leslie and her mom.
FYI - This was a pretty good picture of us, but after it was taken, we thought we might get a better one, so we continued posing and things took an interesting turn when we switched places, and I decided my hair needed some help. The backlight from the window behind us wasn't ideal, and I thought my hair needed fluffing up, shaking out. Something.
The first fluff didn't solve the problem, so I kept fluffing, and Leslie kept shooting. Below are some rare "behind the scenes" shots. You can see Leslie losing control with each snap of the camera. OMW! I laugh till I cry every time I look at these! If you're still reading, this is your reward!
My favorite one is the top right. I look like a man with a bad, bad rug! And while I've got you laughing, I'll bring it to an end. Till next time, my peeps, adiĆ³s! ♦


  1. Oh my gosh .... I love, love your posts and pictures, but I think this may be my favorite! What a precious weekend you enjoyed ... wishing you many more sweet moments!

  2. Wonderful post about your first Grandparents Day. Loved the stories, the pictures, the cake memories, and the last collage, of course. :) Hilarious!

  3. The whole post has made me smile from the pistachio cake (MY grandma used to make that...) to the fluffed up photo session.

    Too bad you just don't love that little one, huh?

  4. I enjoyed every thing about this entire post! I used to make a pistachio cake...I had forgotten all about it. Sounds soo good! So glad you are loving every minute of being a grandmother. Doesn't get much better huh? And that last photo session, well, it certainly made me smile, lol! Enjoy your day!

  5. Hi Gayle! I loved all the sweet photos of family being together. It's so wonderful that all the generations can enjoy each other on this special day. Your Willow Tree is just precious! I love those figures. So simple, but so meaningful.

    Great visit with you today!