Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Perfect Day in May ~ Leslie's Baby Shower

My daughter's baby shower was this past weekend. It was a lovely day. Just lovely. However, instead of telling you about it, I'm going to let these pictures paint you several thousand words. I'll narrate as required.  I hope you enjoy peeking in. Unless indicated otherwise, these exquisite pictures were taken by Megan. You can find out more about her services at Megan Ella Photography.

First, we have the planner - Kayla Brumley.

Kayla worked like a pack mule, making everything perfect. Many thanks to her.

Fruit water in Mason jars with purple and green straws got the party started.

Being a morning shower, the food had a brunch feel.
Bagels, cream cheeses, fruit.
Cupcakes followed.

As guests arrived, they were asked to write personal wishes for Audrey.
Precious memories for later times.

The guest of honor looked radiant when she walked in.
The bump was very prevalent.
Lots of hugging going on.

A family pose was struck. I was happy Big Sister and my dear nieces were there.
(Twin sister and my mom couldn't attend.)

My friend Ann took this picture while we posed for another one. I love it.

 Next, it was gift-opening time. Yay!

The mother-to-be was a delight to watch, discovering adorable things between the tissue.

And then ...

... a gift was handed to Nonni.

It was from the mother-to-be, and it made Nonni cry. 
Once the presents were all opened and thank yous all done,
we gathered around "Audrey's mom" and said cheese.

I wish I could tell you that Nonni is calm, cool and collected, knowing her baby is having a baby within a few weeks, but that wouldn't be true. She occasionally has anxious moments and restless nights, worrying about things she can't control.

However, despite her motherly apprehensions, she prays for her daughter every day, and she knows that Audrey Emeline will have a mother who loves her and a grandmother who thinks she hung the moon. Indeed, not every child is so blessed. ♦

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  1. Worry goes along with the job description, I think! But you gave your daughter a beautiful, charming baby shower -- every detail thought out and just perfect.

    I wish you and your family great joy in your new addition!
    Blessings -- Cass

  2. Looks like a beautiful, perfect shower. Your daughter looks just darling. She is due right around the same time as my daughter I think. It is such a special time. I sure get those feelings of apprehension. My "baby" is having a baby and she is 1000 miles away from... : ( With this being her second baby I think we are both a "LITTLE" more relaxed though, haha. Won't be long now for either one of us. Praying all goes well. Blessings to you both!

    1. Thank you so much, Debbie. I remember your daughter is expecting around the same time. I can't imagine being so far away. :-( Glad you both are relaxed this time around. Sending prayers your way.

  3. I got a little teary myself scrolling through the lovely pics of this special occasion and reading about baby-to-be. Audrey Emeline - such a sweet name!

    I want to send best wishes and blessings out in advance to you, your daughter and granddaughter!

  4. Wonderful, wonderful photos! Loved seeing all of the fun I'm so sorry I had to miss. Such a great shower and the decor and food all looked like perfection, and the people all gorgeous. Can't wait to meet my grand-niece, Audrey Emeline!

  5. She is absolutely radiant! What a beautiful mom she is going to be, and I can only imagine how beautiful baby Audrey will be. Her gift to you made my eyes tear up. I can't imagine how you must have felt.

    It all looked just perfect.

  6. She is absolutely gorgeous. I don't remember the last time I went to a baby shower it seems like they don't happen as much as they used to, oh I do remember the one for my daughter and her twins but that was after they were born (as they were tiny) and that was 9 years ago.

  7. She is BEAUTIFUL! She takes after her mother (Nonni).
    I just helped deliver my daughter's baby and there is nothing more exciting. It is a GIFT that just keeps on giving.
    I have sent up a special prayer for both of you!

    1. How exciting, Christine! Wow. That would be an experience of a lifetime. Not sure I'm up to it, but congrats to you! :-) Thanks for the prayer. It means a lot.