Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Mother's Day Weekend ~ 2013

It had been a month or more since I visited my parents, so after work on Friday, I packed a few things and pointed the car east. A homemade supper was waiting. Fried pork chops, followed by Mother's lemon rice pudding, made me forget all about losing weight.

On Saturday, Mother wanted to try out a recently opened spot in Beaumont that specializes in burgers, and, I must say, it was a swell idea. My burger was the best burger I've ever sunk my teeth into - Goat Cheese with Bacon and Chipotle Sauce. Oh, mercy. YUM! It tasted even better than it looks in this picture I took. Mother ended her meal with a Blue Bell Chocolate Malt, which Daddy promptly shared.

Sunday, we attended church together, all dressed in purple. (Great minds think alike, you know.) It was good seeing old friends after such a long time. Although we see each other only a few times a year, I know they would be there if I needed help in the middle of the night. Money can't buy that kind of friendship and time can't take it away.

After a lunch of fried chicken, I loaded my cowgirl gear in the front seat, said my goodbyes and headed home to the one who made me a mother in 1985 and would soon be a mother herself.

She and the grand dog were waiting at my house with hugs and sniffs and gifts that warmed my soul. 

Tomorrow another work week begins. I don't know what the days will hold, but I feel richer than a king. ♦


  1. Your parents are so special to me as are you and your sisters! Sounds like your weekend was perfect. Thanks for making me hungry with the cheeseburger picture...8:30pm and I do NOT need to be eating anything this late! Love you.

  2. My first reaction to your words? Heartwarming!
    Your weekend sounds like the sort of therapy doctors everywhere would love to be able to provide!

    I've never heard of lemon rice pudding, but it sounds incredibly good. Any chance you might share her recipe sometime?

    Have a wonderful new week!


    1. I will be happy to share her recipe, Myra. I'll have to get it from her. She's a big "eyeball" cook, but maybe she has something written down. :-)

  3. Beautiful weekend for sure. So glad you were with Mother on Mother's Day. Loved all the pics, especially the malt sharing. :)

  4. My favorite photo of the whole wonderful bunch is the one with your parents sharing the malt. I just love that in the biggest way possible. What a wonderfully complete weekend you had. Just think, next year at this time you will have a GRAND new reason to celebrate Mothers Day