Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mosaic Monday: Weekend Summary

It was a busy and blessed weekend with perfect weather in my neck of the woods.

SATURDAY, Leslie and I went to Houston Fertility Institute's 10th Annual Baby Shower, where patients (past and present) come and celebrate the miracle of life. I've never seen so many babies in one place! The theme was "Luau," and it was quite fun.

As Leslie and I chowed down on James Coney Island chili dogs, I said, "Well, one thing is sure about these babies: They were all wanted."

Of course, there was posing all around. So many cameras! So many babies! So many smiles! The doctors probably felt like celebrities, and in the eyes of the parents, they are. Leslie posed with two of the doctors who helped her along her path to motherhood, Dr. Williams and Dr. Griffith.
After the shower, we did some shopping and later went to Leslie's apartment, where I took pictures of her and her faithful companion, Charlie. Charlie and Leslie have been a duo for awhile now, but soon there will be a new face to lick. Charlie seems to sense a change in the wind. This was my favorite picture of the day.

SUNDAY, I puttered in the garage, where I am (among other things) painting a rocking chair. My parents bought the rocker when their first grandchild was born, and they were happy to send it home with me for my first grandchild. I got the second coat of primer on it, but I can't decide what color it will ultimately be. I thought white, but after seeing the primer, I'm rethinking that. Any ideas are welcome. Not sure if the chair will go in "baby's" room upstairs or stay in my bedroom until rocking days are over.
Later in the day, I soaked in a few rays, and admired my tiny garden. I have mason jars hanging on small shepherd's hooks among the plants. I intended to put candles in them for patio dining, but for now, I've dropped in some colorful stones. I keep a sheet of plastic wrap on top of the jars to keep water out when it rains. (I'm not sure why you needed to know that, but now you do.)
Well, I didn't plan on rambling so, but if any of you are still awake, I wish you a wonderful week ahead. Till next time, my friends, toodle loo. ♦
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  1. I'm so happy for you and Leslie. I'd just paint it white and find some cushions to match the room it will be in once you decide that part.

    Sending hugs and love to you - Grandmother to be!

    Love you,

  2. You must be getting so excited. There is just nothing like it. I'm about to be a grandmother for the third, fourth and fifth time this summer - twins and a single baby. Bliss! How lovely that you have your parents' treasured rocker. I like the idea of leaving it white and letting the soft furnishings match the room.

  3. The time is getting closer and closer for you, Grandma! I know both you and Leslie are so excited.

    I have some primed chairs sitting at my house waiting for color inspiration so I'm no help at all.

    (Just read at Dayle's place that your dad got a good report last week. I'm so glad.)