Sunday, September 9, 2012

The "Funnest" Saturday

Working a full-time job, I don't get to spend as much time with my grand niece as I would like to. That makes me sadder than sad, but I can't change what is, so when we're together, I try to make every minute count. My camera is always with me, and I cherish the memories we make.

With that being said, I kept Ainsley a few hours Saturday, and what a fun day it was. I think our "funnest" day ever. This is a detailed account of our day, and it's a bit long-winded, but sometimes I just need to write it all down. You can stop reading whenever you please.

The day started with us looking for a missing piece on a toy train, and ended with Miss Ainsley falling in lovewith Big Bird and "Little Boy," in that order.

Big Bird and "Little Boy" (Ainsley's name for him.)

 Here is how it went...

In our hunt for the missing train piece, we stumbled upon Big Bird in a bedroom upstairs. It was love at first sight for Miss Ainsley, and I suddenly remembered how my own daughter had fallen in love with this same Big Bird one afternoon in Wal-Mart, right before her second birthday.

The love was intense, and I knew Big Bird would join our family soon. We didn't take pictures of Leslie unwrapping him that Christmas morning, but here are some still shots from the video we took.

Sigh. Where did the years GO?

Now (sniff, sniff) back to my story.

While Ainsley patted Big Bird's head, I opened a nearby closet (still searching for the train piece) and saw my fall decor, waiting to be used. Among the loot was an adorable scarecrow. Miss Ainsley saw it, too, and insisted we take Big Bird and the scarecrow downstairs for a play date.
The minute we got downstairs, she raised her little arms and said, "Hold you," to Big Bird.
This photo melts my heart.

A doll!

Giving him sugar.

After loving on Big Bird awhile, she wanted to carry him around. Now, Big Bird is very heavy, and I tried dissuading her from carrying him. However, my advice wasn't well received, so I gave up and gave in, and off she went, carrying him from hither to yon, back and forth, from pillar to post.

I figured his heaviness would affect her enthusiasm after awhile, but it didn't. She even insisted on carrying him to the mailbox, which was a sign of true love if I ever saw one.

 Love this picture!

On occasion, she would put Big Bird down and walk over to Little Boy and hug him tightly and plant a kiss on his cheek. (Precious!) After watching her do that several times, trust me, my heart was in puddles.

 Such a loving expression on her face.

Squeezing him tightly.

And, of course, she wanted to carry Little Boy around, too. Thankfully, he is very lightweight, because, as seen in the pictures below, Little Boy is a pretty tall dude.

Love conquers all!

 I love this picture! LOL!!
(Pardon the stereo in the middle of nowhere. It's on its way to Goodwill.)

Dumplin' Pie!

 After a long time playing with Big Bird and Little Boy, the sleepies showed up in a most unusual fashion: She decided to lay her new friends down in front of the fireplace.

At first, she just looked at them. I asked if they were sleeping, and she said they were. She then rubbed her eyes and slowly laid down between them...but not for long.

Within a few seconds, she was up again. Down again. Up. Down. Up. She seemed to enjoy me taking their picture, and I enjoyed taking it. 
I love her eyes, cocked over to Big Bird.

Solemn and still.

She could barely hold her eyes open here.
Going once, going twice...

After several more ups and downs, I told her to close her eyes and pretend like she was asleep, too, so I could take another picture. She hesitated, but then she closed her little eyes—for a millisecond at least. 


Thinking she might take a nap for real, I gathered some pillows from my room and made us all a soft place to lay. But she was way too busy, of course. Up. Down. Up. Down.

On one of the "ups," she decided to rock Big Bird and Little Boy in the small rocking chair I have. With each one, she sang "Rock-a-bye Baby," and I promise you it sounded like an angel choir from on high. Aunt Gayle's heart flipped several times, end over end.

After a diaper change, I could tell a nap wasn't going to happen without tears, so I suggested ice-cream instead. (Call me a wimp, but I just can't handle my angel girl crying.) Angel Girl was in favor of ice-cream, so we got in the car and headed out.

Over ice-cream, burgers and fries, we laughed ourselves silly—for real. I couldn't resist kissing her over, and over, and over again. She looked so much like her mom at times, and old memories came rushing in. I wish Angel Girl knew how much I love her, and how special she is to me. But, alas, kids never know.

The nap? Well, the nap came a few minutes after walking out of Jack-in-the-Box—in Aunt Gayle's arms, in the parking lot, no less. Putting her in the car seat roused her enough to tears, so I settled into the front seat with Sunshine on my shoulder, leaned the seat back and let her sleep. I could have held her forever. ♦


  1. This little girl is LOVED soooo much!

  2. What a lovely little girl, and I agree! She couldn't be luckier.

  3. What sweet memories you made. I love her all my heart pieces. :) (You get it.)

  4. Wow these series of photos are awesome. Worthy to be put on a scrapbook and when she gets older showed it to here. That would be cool. I found a photo of me when I was very young holding a doll, and I do not remember if I own a doll. But because of the photo I could tell I have one ^_^ Special memories makes us smile. Thanks to the new technology we could gather as much photos as we want or record videos. Thanks for sharing. ^_^