Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Sunday marked four years since my throat surgery at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, after a rare voice disorder left me struggling to speak. Not a day goes by that I'm not grateful for Dr. Berke and his brilliant team.

My dear twin made the journey with me. Thanks to Hurricane Ike (and some zany madness in between) it is a journey we will never forget.

A collage of momentos.

The twin and I.

Yellow roses, fit for a queen.

Gaining altitude over the Pacific, headed home.


  1. I remember it all so well and just finished reading my journal entry from the night before. God has done great things!

  2. I love your mementos, and gosh, those are beautiful roses! I hope you're better now --

  3. How comforting to have someone so close and who loves you so much, be there for you. That's even closer then a sister, it's "twin-ster".

    1. So true, Christine. Nothing like an identical twin.