Sunday, August 9, 2015

Me and Arabella Marie

If you follow my twin Dayle you know all about her granddaughter Arabella Marie. I can't believe she's five months old now, and my love for her grows and grows. I wish I could see her every day, but I kiss her face as often as I can. Here are just a few pictures of me and my beloved grand niece.

I fell in love instantly with this beautiful bundle of joy.

After a hard day at work, she lifts my spirits without doing a thing.

Easter Sunday with proud Memaw and Big Sister.

Pure innocence, staring at me. Isn't she heavenly?

Before heading for an Astro's game, I sing her a tune.

The best part of my day—Arabella.

Giving me reasons to smile on Saturday.

Since the birth of my own granddaughter two years, ago, I've often sung the Oak Ridge Boys' tune "Thank God For Kids." My favorite line says: "The nearest thing to heaven is a child." Until next time, my friends, please pray for children everywhere, born or unborn.  ♦


  1. Ackkkkk! The sugar factor is off the charts! I can't handle it! Overwhelmingly precious! I can't wait to get us some pure g'baby goodness such as she!

    *hugs* from Halifax, Nova Scotia,

  2. It has been so enjoyable watching this little bundle grow through photos...I just want to pinch those sweet cheeks every time I see them! It's quite obvious how much she loves her Auntie Gayle :)

  3. Who couldn't smile looking at that sweet face? She'd brighten my day too!

  4. What adorable photos. Thanks for loving Arabella. I'm so glad you are part of her life. She's the lucky one.

  5. What a sweet little thing. I enjoyed reading your post on going home...the moon, the creaking swing, what a beautiful picture your words created. And I'm pretty sure I could taste the cobbler. So glad you have found peace and joy in God's promises to us!