Monday, December 1, 2014

The Blurry Days of November

November went by in a blur for me. Most of the hours were spent at work, doing what I do, five days a week. I am grateful for my job—and it does keep me sane—but it leaves little time for investing in things I truly love and enjoy. Nevertheless, November offered spare moments here and there, and I tried to invest in them wisely. Here is how they looked.

Miss Audrey—my little ray of sunshine. Although weekends with her wear my body out, the joy she brings can't be measured.

Much of our time together is spent with books. She absorbs each page, and never gets enough.

I love this picture of her, busy in her room. I cherish each moment we share.

She loves the refrigerator, and Nonni lets her enjoy it until she's done. The soy sauce is a big draw, and she seems to think it's a bottle.

Her precious feet. I pray God guides them as she grows.

A new pull-toy brought excitement. Love the PJs and socks.
The hairbrush is a favorite thing to carry around.

Baths are her favorite. She could live in the tub. This smile melts my heart every time.

My mom and dad came over for a brief visit. Mother brought her a new book, and she wasted no time in having it read to her by one and all.

We posed before the good-byes. How special these moments are. We never know what a day will bring.

She loves music, and I feel certain she'll be a musician some day. I love her tiny hands in this photo. 

And my little bookworm reads another book.

Clowning for the camera with Nonni. 

Fall foliage finally arrived in Southeast Texas. It's always a welcomed sight. 

FaceTime with Nonni. It never gets old.

My daughter sent me this shot. I almost cry every time I look at it. That sweet innocent face. If only I could keep her young and carefree.

Thanksgiving Day was hosted by my parents. It was my daughter's first Thanksgiving with her husband, and I was grateful we were together.

I love the little girl on my lap, and I love how she is very relaxed and dangling. She is watching "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," and she finds it thrilling every time. The proof is in the video below. Once you watch it, you'll be so happy you stuck around. :-)


And now, it's December.

Dear Lord, tomorrow is promised to no one. Help me spend the moments I can investing in things that truly matter.


  1. OK, I was reading through this and enjoying every little picture of Audrey. Then, I got to the part about the new husband and, what?? I realized how very far apart and detached I have been because I didn't know that she had gotten married. So... belated congratulations to you and to her! How fun and exciting!

    1. Yes, Debbie. Her Prince Charming finally came along. He's a jewel.

  2. More joy to come! Love the family photos...very precious.

  3. Gayle, I love reading how you describe your devotion to this precious little one and the rest of your family. Each picture tells a story and it is a beautiful one!

  4. I love this post so much. Audrey is so adorable and made me laugh in the video. Her laugh is precious and contagious. Love to all of you.

  5. That video! These photos! Your adorable grandchild! Aunt Dayle's pie! If only we could freeze this time, but I know the future holds precious moments yet to be enjoyed.

  6. so glad you are back I love reading your blog, you r family is precious