Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mosaic Monday - FaceTime with the Grandchild

July 6, 2014

Thanks to my daughter's diligence, Audrey and I do FaceTime almost every day. Occasionally, I initiate the call, but since I don't know Miss Audrey's availability, Leslie usually calls me. I must say, it never gets old. Seeing Audrey's little face light up melts my heart and fills me with more joy than I can contain. Some days, we sing and some days we just "talk" and be silly, but every moment is a priceless memory made. I love her dearly, and I'm glad she loves me.

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  1. Isn't technology grand?! What a great way to stay in touch.

  2. Precious Audrey! How you must look forward to this special time each day! I can see she is loving it as much as you :) Dear baby girl!

  3. She is the most darling baby girl!! Like you, I truly appreciate the wonders of technology and gratefully sign into Skype to spend some quality time with my own sweet daughter, who is living in Canada!!

    Happy weekend!