Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Days of October

October is birthday month for my twin sister and me. Dayle was with her hubby, vacationing in the mountains, so we blew out our candles apart this year. She said it was the first time in 10 years, and I guess I'll let her be the expert there. I thank God for my twin, and I hope her wishes come true.

Birthday evening, my daughter took me out to dinner at my new favorite place: Tommy Bahama's on Market Street. The food was divine. My granddaughter, Audrey Emeline (pronounced: Emma Line) was also divine. Other than posing for these pictures, she mainly slept and looked adorable.
As the weather turned a bit cooler, I dangled a few fall leaves in my kitchen window and stretched a garland behind the sink. Nothing fancy, but it gives me that "fall feeling" every time I walk in. Love how the leaves move constantly.
Although I'm trying to maintain my own life in some measure, most weekends find me hovering over my grandchild. I realize these infancy days will pass so quickly, and I hate missing any of them. This particular weekend, I spent the night with my daughter and watched little one the next morning while Leslie cheered a friend on in a mud run. Me and the grandchild shared lots of smiles and kisses.
Another weekend with the grand one. We played peep-eye and rocked and sang. She is cutting five teeth all at once, so she drools like mad. We went through three bibs in no time.
Family gathered to celebrate my birthday last night at Spring Creek BBQ. Wombmate was still gone (sigh), and her daughter wasn't able to join us, but it was a wonderful time with people I love. To me, nothing is better than family and good food in the same room.

Well, today is the last weekend in October, and what a gorgeous day it is outside. My grandgirl is asleep on my bed, and chicken gumbo is on the menu for tonight. My daughter starts a new job next Monday. Her child care plans fell apart, so please help me pray for the perfect person to care for Miss Audrey. I know God loves her more than we do, and I believe he will provide.

Till next time, my friends, seize the day.


  1. Gayle, by looking at the pics, it seems you had a wonderful birthday! I know your sis missed you too!
    Your daughter and grand daughter are both beautiful too. Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Gayle, I hope that you and your sister are able to do lunch or go shopping or have tea one day very soon to honor this new year of yours.

    Your granddaughter is a sweetie pie. You are certainly right in knowing that the precious baby days don't last very long. Childcare...praying for the very best situation with that. It's important.

    Lovely little autumn leaves in your window...and the garland behind the sink must make you grin. It's making me grin.

  3. Happy Birthday!
    Happy Birthday!
    I said it twice cause... well, you know!

    Wished I lived closer to help out!

  4. We will have to make up for our big day spent apart. It's never the same without you, dear sis.

  5. Happy belated birthday to you and your twin sister!

    I have a grand daughter around the same age as your beautiful Audrey. My husband and I moved to Colorado so I could take care of her when my daughter returned to work. We knew we would retire in this state eventually as both our children and all our grandchildren live here, but we speed it up a little when we knew our granddaughter was on the way. It has been exhausting, but wonderful!

    1. Pat, how blessed your daughter was to have you care for her child. I would love to assist in the care of my granddaughter, but I haven't found a way yet, working 40 hours a week. Sigh.

  6. Hi Gayle! Happy Birthday to you! Sure looks like you had a great celebration. I just got back from visiting my son and his family, and there just isn't anything like grandchildren. I completely understand your love for Audrey. How blessed is she to have such a doting, loving Grandma?

    How wonderful that a job has come through! I will keep prayers for a good babysitter on my to-do list. God will provide!
    Happy Halloween!