Monday, September 30, 2013

The Days of September

Just like August, September has gone by in a flash. In between my full-time job, I seized as many moments as I could, doing things that I love to do.

At the top of that list is rocking my grandbaby to sleep, and that's exactly how September started for me. She's growing so fast, and I don't want to miss a minute.

My first Grandparents Day. It was a delight.

An evening spent with my girls: Charlie, Audrey and Leslie. I'm glad they live nearby.

A sleepover at Nonni's house one Friday night was a highlight of the month. Isn't she just heavenly? Melts my heart every time.

The next morning found Nonni with a camera in hand, snapping like the crazed grandma she is. Here we are enjoying "our" morning coffee. I'm not sure Audrey was enjoying the camera so early, but Nonni sure was.

Later in the day, Audrey spent some downtime in Nonni's baby bed while Nonni did a little office work. 

Here she is, studying her leg...

...and getting to know her stuffed friends.

I enjoyed my little patio garden whenever the temperature allowed. It needs some serious pruning, but I'm waiting for cooler weather to tackle it. 

Being close to God's creation never fails to lift my spirits and help me see how small my problems really are, so I spent a few moments strolling through the botanical gardens on a lunch break one day. It was just what I needed.

Yesterday, my daughter planned to be away for most of the day, so I went and picked up Charlie from her apartment. Charlie hasn't been to my house since my grandbaby was born in June, so I thought it was time to re-familiarize her with Nonni's place. She was more subdued than I figured she would be...until a cat rounded the corner. Yikes.

And last, but certainly not least, my big sister's birthday is today. We celebrated it with dinner last week at her daughter's house.

Elaine has brought so much joy to my life, and I am so grateful for the memories we have made together. She has been my role model since I was a young girl, and she remains a shining example of what a true Christian should be. I love you, Elaine!

I do hope your September days were memorable. And now it's on to October.  ♦


  1. What a lovely September you had...filled with love!

  2. Love, love this post, especially the pics of pie. What a joy to see you enjoying your sweet grandbaby!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful new life you're witnessing! Thank you for sharing your blessings with us, Gayle!

  4. It warms my heart and makes me happy to see your happiness with Audrey. There truly nothing like being a Grandmother. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Audrey is just precious.

  5. She is more adorable every day.

    I noticed (and like!) your new blog header. I'm so hit and miss in blog land that I am just seeing that and the post about it. I like the way you put it very much!

  6. And... did Dayle remove her blog? I just read a post from her yesterday, but when I clicked it from my sideboard, it was gone.

    1. I'm still here, Debbie. Having some regrets this morning, but here's my new address. Same blog. New address.

      The new address is href=""

  7. We've chatted already, but FYI, my blog address has changed. I'm already having a few regrets, but I hope I don't lose touch with my blogging friends who may have trouble finding me now.

    The new address is href=""