Friday, August 23, 2013

The Sisters Do Galveston

In the fall of 2007, I invited my sisters to join me on a road trip to the Smoky Mountains to stay in this little cabin "Absolute Tranquility."

It was a ton of fun, and we agreed that we should continue taking trips together as long as we are healthy and able.

Thankfully, we are still healthy and able, and I do believe our 2013 trip was the best one yet. As Big Sister put it, we've gone further and stayed longer, but we've never had a better time. Honestly. We laughed till we cried, and then laughed some more.
A big thanks to Stan for driving Cloud 9 (his and Dayle's RV) to Galveston and turning us loose in it for a few days. Here are a few pictures (and a long, rambling narrative) for those of you with a spark of interest and some time on your hands.

After the RV was parked and situated, we all piled into the car and headed to one of our favorite seafood spots for a late lunch with the guys before they returned home. It was delicious, as usual.

The next few hours were occupied with settling into our wheels by the gulf, unloading suitcases, setting up camp, etc.

As evening approached, I headed to the beach for a time of sky gazing. The Master Artist knew I'd be there with camera in hand, of course. The colors were majestic in their own subtle way.

Friday started with rain and ended with rain, but we seized the sunshine in between and made it count. A little beach time, a little shopping time.

Dinner was at Fisherman's Wharf...

...and dessert was at Hey Mickey's Ice Cream!

My friend Ann recommended this place, and it was a big hit in a big way. Located near Stewart Beach, the outside was quaint and welcoming (as you can see above), and the moment we stepped inside, the smell of fresh-baked waffle cones had us swooning in the foyer.

Their ice-cream is freshly homemade, and after much tasting on my part, I finally settled on Almond Joy. In fact, we ALL selected Almond Joy. It was scrumptious! Thanks, Ann!

As the sun sank into the west, we returned to our gulf-side abode and decided to do some "sister posing" at the beach.

Our self-portraits are much like uszany and unrehearsedbut we usually come away hee-hawing like crazed donkeys. This day was no exception.

Saturday, we dined at the Mosquito Cafe. I can't vouch for anything else they serve, but the Warm Goat Cheese Salad I ordered (with grilled chicken on top) was totally delectable. The house-made champagne vinaigrette made me smack my lips and ask for more. Oh, yum!

Saturday night, just when we thought things couldn't get any "funner," Matilda popped in for a visit. If you've never met Matilda, you have no idea. If you have met Matilda, then you know how wonderfully wild and woolly Matilda is. Maybe she'll greet her fellow bloggers in a video one day. I'm not holding my breath though. She's very busy.

Sunday morning, I woke at dawn and crept out of the RV, anxious to see the sunrise. Watching the glory of God unfold with the morning leaves me breathless every time. 

How grateful I am that God doesn't dwell in temples made by hand; He dwells in the praises of his people, the Bible says. And as I watched the sun climbing slowly in the east, heralding the start of a brand new day, my heart was filled with uninhibited praise.

I don't know what our next trip holds, but with my sisters, doing anything is fun. ♦


  1. Oh Gayle...what a fun time time you must have had! I have four sisters and we don't get together often since I live so far from them...but when we do, oh my! Your photos are just gorgeous as always and like you, I too love getting up before anyone else is on the beach. I don't know when I sense the awesome presence of God like I do there. Thanks for sharing your special memories with us!

  2. It was such a great trip, and if a "cheerful heart is like medicine," as the Scriptures say, then I should be well for a long time.

  3. Hi Gayle! What is better than the love of sisters? That house looks SPECTACULAR. I would love to stay there anytime! It looks so solitary too, you can feel like life is all yours there.

    And the ice cream doesn't hurt either!

    So lovely, such a gift :)

  4. I just read just a bit about this on the twin's blog. I can't tell you how much I loved these sister posts. I want my sisters and I to do a getaway now. I just have to drag that Colorado sister east of the Mississippi!!!