Thursday, June 27, 2013

Audrey's First Family Gathering

My lovely niece's birthday is tomorrow. Anna is truly a special gift to us all, and we celebrated with a family dinner at her parents' home last weekend.

As we made small talk and smelled the lasagna, I received a text from my daughter, saying the new mommy was running a bit late, and we should start eating without them if everyone else was there. We were all hungry people, so we did exactly that. Don't judge us.

Mom and Audrey (along with "Aunt" Tiffany) arrived shortly thereafter. The minute they walked in the front door, a heavenly host began to sing. Well, I made that part up, but there were smiles on every face, and sunbeams danced on the entryway floor.

It was Audrey's first time to attend our fantastically fun family gatherings, and it was also her first time to wear an "outfit."

Out of the dozens of clothes hanging in her closet, the only one that didn't swallow her whole was a lovely flowered dress with hot pink banding. (Thank you, Uncle Doug). She looked like an angel in it, sound asleep.

Before the evening ended, we had passed her around to everyone present for a time of serious posing. From start to finish, she never made a sound of any kind. Here she is with her mom and the beautiful birthday girl, Anna Marie. A gorgeous trio, indeed.

Aunt 'Laine and Uncle Doug took their turn. She is blessed to have them both in her life.
Still asleep with Aunt Dayle and Uncle Stan.
I can't wait to see what fun they will discover together.
Andrew and Anna smiling with the little sleepyhead.
Mommy and Nonni huddled around their newborn treasure, totally in awe.
Here's Miss Audrey, sleeping soundly in Nonni's arms.
Mommy posed outside with her tiny ray of sunshine.
With Nonni again on the couch. Anybody surprised?
Here's her mommy, stealing a kiss.
Please check out Audrey's face. It's pure heaven, and I can't stop looking at her.

With Nonni again. Anybody surprised? 
I wish she could stay like this forever - innocence in a purple headband.
 ♦ ♦ ♦
The Oak Ridge Boys used to sing a song that says, "The nearest thing to heaven is a child," and how true that is. In a mere ten days, Audrey has chased at least a million shadows away. Each time I hold her, I kiss her soft face and pray that her life will be better because I am in it. ♦


  1. Beautiful - every word and every picture. SO hard to pick my favorite picture so I will not pick (until I get to hold her) then ... I will pick! LOL :)

  2. Her life is very blessed because you are in it!! Love the pics! Love Nonni!

  3. So precious! Your little Audrey looks like a flower that came right out of the garden of God. Love your description: "innocence in a purple headband" - Blessings to you all!

  4. She is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations! In that little flowered dress she looks like a beautiful bud herself!

    I love the joyous looks on everyones face!

  5. She is beautiful and I pray God's blessings over her all the days of her life--You are a gorgeous grandmother and I feel your pride--Enjoy because they grow up so very fast! Even faster than our children which is hard to believe!

  6. You are not a little in love, are you?

    She is just adorable in that little pink outfit. It's just my cup of tea. Of all the pictures, my favorite one of all is the one with her mommy kissing her. That's just beautiful and frame worthy, IMO.

    I can tell that I would love your entire family. When will little Audrey be ready for a road trip to her great grandparents' house? Soon I hope. (And I hope your dad is continuing to improve with his walking every day. Haven't mentioned that in a while, but I haven't forgotten.)

  7. I love the look of smitten. Sweet, sweet child! Wonderful family to love and be loved by.

  8. Love, love, love. In every face and photo. Love for this precious little one!

  9. I have no idea how I missed this post two years ago, but better late than never, I suppose. I remember this day like it was yesterday. I named her pie before she was born and she will always be Aunt Dayle's pie. Precious photos to treasure.