Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day—Not Loved By All

Valentine's Day. I don't like it. Never have liked it. Even when married, I didn't like it.

Maybe it was because my spouse was the most unromantic male on planet Earth. He had his strengths, of course, but doling out romance wasn't one of them.

If you're married to Mr. Romance, or dating Mr. Romance, good for you. I'm sure your Valentine's Day will be filled with all things Cupid, and you'll fall asleep amongst rose petals on red satin sheets.

As for me, I have no set plans. The only thing I'm sure of is that I won't be waiting around, hoping I get a card and a box of bonbons before the day is done. If I must have either, I'll swing by Walgreens and buy it myself. It's just simpler that way.


  1. I hear ya and understand, but I think of it as a day to simply celebrate "love"; Love for a parent, a child, a friend. I've sent
    cards to some special girlfriends and my Mom.

    1. Love is always a cause for celebration. I agree.

  2. I agree with previous comment. Just celebrate love for family and friends. And get those bonbons for sure!!