Friday, May 6, 2011

Mothers Wear Many Hats

One of my favorite pictues.
In December of 1985, I became a mother. Seeing my newborn  for the first time was a moment I'll never forget. She was so innocent. So perfect. A tiny package from the Master's hand.

In my years of writing, I've written myriad articles about motherhood and mothering—some serious; some not. Oddly enough, my very first column in The Dallas Morning News remains one of my favorites. My newborn was approaching the teen years, and life was anything but simple or serene.

I'm posting the column this weekend in honor of mothers who stay at home full-time and raise their offspring. It can be a thankless job, and it's often ignored by those in the press. But raising children is the most challenging, influential and rewarding job a woman can have.

Happy Mother's Day, dear ones. Make each day count, and may God bless you...abundantly!  I do trust you can read the column OK. (It's the lazy way to post, as my wombmate says.) It starts like this:

While perusing the employment classifieds a few days ago, I made a startling discovery: As a stay-at-home mom, I qualify for every job listed. Secretarial. Accounting. Sales. Medical. Dental. Entertainment. Salon Personnel. Couriers. You name it; I qualify. In fact, the only thing missing from my multifaceted resume is an impresive title, enhancing my impressive skills.

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  1. My daughter is a stay at home mom, it's not easy. She works harder than I do. Yes, there are so many duties to do. Thank-you for sharing your wonderful this story.
    Happy Mothers Day,

  2. Oh so true. Sometimes we need an article such as this to remind ourselves how important a job stay-at-home mothers have. My daughter is able to stay at home with her 4 children and their obedience and character at a young age is developing into Christlikeness. It's a joy for me to watch.

    With joy,

  3. That's a great article, Gayle and one that is needed now as much as when you wrote it. I was a stay at home mom and I am so happy I could be there whenever my kids needed me. They don't quit needing their mother when they get to be teens. They probably need them then more than ever. I never envied women who had jobs outside the home.
    Have a very Happy Mother's Day.

  4. Nurturing a child is very hard work. So much research involved and patience! Happy Mother's Day!

  5. ...watching another world turn its guiding light on all her restless children...

    That was my favorite line!

    The whole thing is masterfully written and so true. I also loved the "magician required" to keep the checkbook in the black. I totally enjoyed this column.

    I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day, Gayle.

  6. beautiful Gayle....being a mom has been the best gift ever. Happy Mother's Day.

  7. Thanks for sharing your article here....Happy Mother's Day!