Thursday, December 9, 2010

Magical Music

Last night, me, my twin sister and her husband took in an evening of Andrea Bocelli. It was a magical night. His rendition of "Blue Christmas" made me swoon. Listening to gifted singers and musicians is one of my very favorite simple pleasures.

I love downtown Houston at night. Looking festive.

The amazing Houston Symphony Orchestra
What a talent!

Me and my lovely twin sis.

Me with popcorn and my fancy ankle boots. :-)
Joining twin sister's Simple Pleasures.


  1. Hello Gayle, it sounds like you all had a wonderful evening together! Andrea Bocelli is a very gifted man. I LOVE your ankle boots :-)
    many blessings..Trish

  2. Now THAT would be a wonderful evening and true pleasure for me. I love his voice and would have gotten carried away with the whole thing.

    And aren't you spiffy in your boots?!

    Hope work is going well for you. Miss you!

  3. Oh how I love his voice. How fun this would have been. Your right, it IS quite beautiful there...oh, and I'm really liking the boots. Have a great week-end.

  4. It was a lovely evening, for sure. So glad you haven't totally deserted the world of blogging. You're missed.