Sunday, August 15, 2010

"U" Are Important

My typewriter is rather old, but it works qxite well—except for one key. Trxe, all the other keys fxnction fine, bxt as yox can see, when one key isn’t working properly, the final prodxct is greatly affected.

And so it is in God’s kingdom.

You might say, “Well, I am just one person. My contributions aren’t terribly important in the overall scheme of things. Besides, I don’t sing, I don’t preach, I don’t teach, and I am not the head of any department. I am just not as important as others to the cause of Christ.”

But that isn’t true, my friend. Just because you aren’t as visible as others, doesn’t mean you aren’t as important.

After all, God’s work isn’t limited to what happens when church is going on. The majority of God’s work is done when church is dismissed, when the lights go out, when no one but God is looking.

As demonstrated by the Good Samaritan, God’s work is fulfilled one-on-one, loving our neighbors as ourselves, doing little things that make big, big differences in the lives of those around us.

Little things like: hugging a hurting child, having lunch with a single mom or sending a card to a friend in crisis.

How much applause we get from men isn’t important—unless we’re working for an earthly reward, or course. It is how well we do our job that will matter in the end.

So the next time yox feel xnimportant in God’s great big family, jxst think aboxt my typewriter and say to yoxrself: I’m jxst as important as anyone else. And if I don’t fill my role properly, the finished prodxct will be greatly affected.

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  1. Amen! We all count and have a purpose. Best wishes for a beautiful day. :) Tammy

  2. We need to remember that. Beautifully said, thank you!

  3. Great post.I saw a picture of a church with the neatest sign posted outside "The Church has left the building". The fact its easier to serve God outside of the church because that's where we spent most of our time. We are all a part of the body of Christ Nobody is a Nobody we all have a purpose. Though some might be the hand while others are the foot, the hands can't do what the feet do, they are still a part of the same body and work together. We are all important.

  4. Love this! Happy Spiritual Sunday.

  5. I read in a study book just the other day and I think it goes with your post...


    Thanks for the post.. Have a blessed week

  6. your point hits home with your awesome typewriter....

  7. LOL - What a cute way to make such an important point. And what sweet family memories - my senior dad used to have a typewriter just like that! :)

  8. Gracefully said!
    Your typewritter is a great word picture.

  9. Thank-you for this post! I need to read things like this.
    God Bless,

  10. What beautiful thoughts, Gayle. And the typewriter brings back memories. The ones I learned on looked similar to the one in the picture. I always loved to type. Now I'm so grateful for the computer and the fact that I learned how to type so long ago.

  11. Hard to believe considering how many excellent things you have written, but I think that THIS is my favorite thing you have written so far. I smiled when I realized what "U" were doing. I'm smiling again right now thinking about it.

    I love it, and you are spot on in everthing you said. My favorite part is about God doing his greatest work after the lights go out.

  12. Love this post.

    I had a very interesting time telling my husband about all the questions I would ask someone if I were to ever remarry if he goes before me. Although serious stuff, I got tickled just telling him all that stuff one would need to find out. But my one big question would be this, "Do you cook?"

  13. That typewriter reminds me of one my Daddy used to use. Thanks for that encouraging post. Blessings ~