Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sweet Assurance

While checking my mail yesterday afternoon, a vehicle rushed past me and stopped at the curb. A heavyset man got out and said, "Is this 2306?" I said yes. He said he was looking for someone who once lived in my house.

With papers in hand, he approached me and showed me her name. I'd never heard of her. He asked if maybe I'd received mail for her in the past. I said no.

"Well, she's dead," he told me, "and nobody is claiming her at the morgue." I was moved and genuinely sorry that I couldn't assist in his search.

As I watched him drive away. it felt good knowing that someone will miss me when I'm gone. That someone will actually mourn my passing.

But more than that, it felt good knowing that my eternal home awaits. And even if I die all alone, without a friend to my name, my Father will rejoice at my coming.

"I go to prepare a place for you." - John 14:2

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  1. Oh Gayle - how sad for this poor woman, but as you said, we who know Christ as Savior will not die alone.


  2. Oh, this has touched me... on so many levels. I pray that this man finds some measure of peace in his search. Thank God, we know that lady is at peace!

  3. My heart hurts reading this story. It's so sad to think that there are people (probably many) who die without a friend or family to grieve.

    I agree so much with you, Gayle. I'm GRATEFUL for the relationships that I have here on this earth, and I rejoice at the single most important relationship that I have which assures a homecoming for me that I know will be a celebration.

  4. Don't you think that God had a plan, when He sent that gentleman your way? I do!

  5. Dear sis, that is heartbreaking. We are so blessed.

  6. Wow Gayle.. what a post.. Its funny that i read this post today..earlier i was thinking about my uncle who passed a long time ago,, but i cried for him , cause he was a loner, alcoholic who just travels from place to place,, my dad (his brother) would hear from him ever few years or so,, until one day my dad got a notice saying that his brother had died in an abandoned building..
    The thoughts of him being alone when he died hurt my heart..even thought that was the life he choose..
    I was with both my parents when they passed, and I pray that I am not alone when i go to meet my makers..
    God bless you .. have a great day

  7. So much to think about here--so much to be thankful for. Simple, concise, deeply moving. Thank you.