Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rejoice. Regardless.

Every morning before daybreak, a little bird sits outside my window and chirps, and chirps and chirps. He doesn't wait to see what the day will bring, he just lifts his beak skyward and celebrates the dawn.

The psalmist David said, “This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” He didn’t say, “This is the day the Lord has made. Let us get up and see how we're feeling, and then we’ll decide whether or not we'll rejoice and be glad in it.” He just said “Rejoice and be glad.”

If it's raining, rejoice and be glad. If it's hot, rejoice and be glad. If it's cold, rejoice and be glad. If it's icy, rejoice and be glad. If tears plagued you in the night, leave them on your pillow and let them be.

Yesterday is over. Tomorrow might not come. Indeed, today—this very minute!—is the only time you have for living. Lift your beak skyward and celebrate the dawn.


  1. A beautiful verse and a reminder to cherish each moment of every day. Nice to meet you Gayle.

  2. I loved this, sis! I'd never considered that Scripture in that light ... The Lord has given you this day... just rejoice because of that fact. I'm lifting my beak skyward!!

  3. this is so encouraging. Rejoicing....b/c He is in control....

  4. Gayle this is great. I love the analogy of the little bird - they always wake up singing - we should do likewise.

  5. Rejoicing with you - raining and hot but rejoicing because God has giving us another day. Rejoicing because God is in control and all is well with my soul.

    Thanks for the analogy of the bird. May we always rejoice in the Lord and as the Psalmist said "and again I say rejoice."

    Linda J

  6. I, too love the analogy of the little bird. How true it is that the bird sings just because he has a song.

    And so should we.

    Chirping... chirping...

  7. What a blessing this post is. We are so blessed to have you and your sister share with us each week on Spiritual Sundays. God has gifted you both so abundantly. Thank you for sharing this gift with us.

  8. Great post. I just told your sister I will be returning to the pulpit for the month of September. My first message will touch on something she said in her post today. Your post also has some thoughts I will be touching on. My message will be about living in the moment and seeing God in our lives. Thanks for posting today.

  9. Rejoicing in the Lord….something I try to strived for.
    Very uplifting post,thank you.
    Sweet Blessings,

  10. Oh how I loved this post! I am singing with those sweet birdies! God provides all they need and they praise HIM with their song!

    Bless you

  11. This is such a perfet post, I loved it!
    God Bless,

  12. I love that. You know when I am playing the piano, working on writing music for His glory, the little birds just chirp away. So sweet ~