Saturday, April 24, 2010

Prayer Changes Things

Several years ago, a musical group I directed was scheduled to sing at a minister’s conference in a neighboring city. The church van was leaving at 4:30 sharp.

On my way to the church, I swung into Taco Bell’s drive-thru line to grab (what I thought would be) a quick bite to eat. Fifteen minutes later, I was still in line.

Finally, my turn came to order, and as I pulled away from the menu board, my car (which had been ailing for a week or so) sputtered and died.

After numerous attempts to start it, the highly-agitated guy behind me—who had been honking his horn incessantly—bounded from his vehicle and pushed me out of the way and into a parking spot.

Feeling like a reject of society, I tried starting the car again. Nothing.

By now, time was a factor, and to complicate matters further, I hadn't let anybody know that I would be riding the van with the group. Thus, they had no reason to wait for me. Clearly, I needed to get going…soon!

Feeling a little frantic, I exited the vehicle, went inside Taco Bell and phoned the church. Maybe someone would answer and come to my resuce. No such luck.

Well, maybe somebody at Taco Bell dreamed of spending their Friday evening, helping a bewildered-looking woman with a dead Taurus. No such luck.

Clearly, there was only one thing left to do: Pray.

Climbing behind the wheel, I bowed my head and humbly—but urgently—prayed this prayer:

“Dear God, nobody here is interested in anything but tacos. It’s just you and me, God. If I’ve ever needed you, I need you now. I have to be at the church in less than five minutes or I'm going to get left. Please let this car start. In Jesus’ name.”

With faith abounding in my heart, I turned the ignition.

Immediately, the car sprang to life. Boom! Just like that. No begging. No pleading. No bargaining. Just a simple prayer of faith, and I was on my way.

Ah, yes. Prayer really can change things, you know. The only catch is: You have to pray. ♦

Dear Lord, even when I'm late in praying, thank you for answering on time.

I'm linking to Spiritual Sundays, a great place to find inspiration and encouragement. If you need a lift, click on the link and be blessed.


  1. Sometimes the last thing we do is pray when it should be the first thing. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Prayer changes things.

  2. I loved this. And your soo right of course. Prayer can and does change everything. How in the world do I ever forget that? Have a wonderful week. BLESSINGS...

  3. Too often, I pray as a last resort when that is the first thing I should do.

    I love your prayer - so true God always answers on time.


  4. He's an on-time God, yes He is.... so goes the song. Amen!

  5. Being able to pray is such a blessing that the Lord gave us. I'm so glad that he answered your prayers on the day.

  6. I loved this! I love being reminded that he's the God of the car engine... and the sewing machine... and the lawn mower... and the copy machine and computer...

    He is so much an on time God. Had he come any earlier, he would have spoiled his awesome entrance.

    Smiling as I type...