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With the Academy Awards coming up this weekend, I am posting an article I wrote after the horrific events of Sept. 11th. If you recall, the Emmy Awards were postponed twice following that dreadful day. Nobody was much in the mood for entertaining, and the stars were scared to gather in such a public forum.

You're welcome to your own opinion, of course, but it is my opinion that those who do the most for this country (the average Joes, you might say) get the least amount of praise, while those who do the least are worshiped and adored.

This article appeared in The Dallas Morning News and the Ft-Worth Star Telegram Nov. 3, 2001.

We all can breathe a little easier now: Hollywood has rescheduled its beloved Emmy Awards. The twice-postponed event will take place Sunday night at the Shubert Theatre in Century City—unless something else frightens the participants into hiding, of course.

Blast those terrorists! How dare they mess up Hollywood’s plans! Maybe now America can get back to the truly important things in life and focus on something besides people in hard hats and Rudy Giuliani.

Seriously, I never have understood why the media and certain segments of society make such a fuss over actors, actresses and all who employ them. In my opinion, the “stars” of Hollywood are the worst examples of the human race.

For the most part, they have the morals of an alley cat. The only thing they are against is anyone who is against anything. They work overtime, living out the old ‘60s motto: “If it feels good, do it.” Anyone criticizing their laissez-faire existence is considered intolerant and mean.

But not only do the “stars” define immorality and self-absorption, they hold the most irrelevant professions on the face of the earth.

In essence, they waste their lives—and whatever abilities they might possess—pretending to be someone else, doing make-believe stuff with look-alike stand-ins and scripted lines.

Their contributions to society are nil—unless you count the perpetuation of lust, violence and taking God’s name in vain.

Oh, sure, they might donate a portion of their vast earnings to pet charities now and then, but technically speaking, they do nothing to make this country work.

Yet, they are paid millions of dollars for their performances and given round-the-clock pedestals for their oversized egos. In fact, the only thing larger than egos among Hollywood’s elite is the thirst for accolades and attention. It is sick, if you ask me.

So sick, actually, that when a national tragedy comes along, instead of butting out and letting the real stars of the land have the spotlight for a change, they insert themselves into the situation any way possible.

If it takes an evening of pro-bono fund-raising to get the vanished attention they so desperately crave, then fine. Whatever has to be done to reestablish their mugs on the covers of magazines, the pages of newsprint and Good Morning, America, they do it with glee.

They can’t thrive in the shadows; their egos won’t let them.

I can only imagine the angst they experienced over their nearly-cancelled Emmy Awards. I mean, how awful would that have been? No media pundits to praise them. No adoring public to obsess over their outfits, their hairdos and their dates.

Can’t terrorists understand the importance of such things and just leave America alone?

Which brings me to another point. How many other industries can you think of that gather several times a year, in front of national TV audiences, for the sole purpose of patting themselves on the back and handing out awards to the best pretenders of the bunch?

Answer: There aren’t any.

May I suggest that if the “stars” of Hollywood want to do something of lasting merit in the wake of our national tragedy, they could (1) stop putting out violent and vulgar material that tramples and demeans the Christian values upon which this country was founded, or (2) grow up and get real jobs, doing real things that really matter. ♦

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  1. WOW. Standing and cheering! If you open your window, you will probably be able to hear me from Georgia.

    I agree!

  2. I need one of those smiley faces that jump up and down and clap their hands! I was watching a news show last night and they announced stars are taking a 50 percent cut in pay and that there are so many of them now fighting for the spot light that they are losing their power in the general public's eyes. How nice. Next....Music.

  3. You know how I feel about this. In total agreement with you.

  4. in agreement with this. Sarah

  5. Wonderful. I agree with everything you wrote. And I am convinced that the majority of people in the United States agree also. We just need someone, like you, with the courage to put it out there for the whole world to read. Thank you.

  6. May revival hit Hollywood in a big way. Praise God for Christian movie stars who share their faith.

  7. Wow Gayle, I couldn't agree more. I thank God for the few (very few) who are the exceptions.

  8. Couldn't agree more! It is sad that the things that matter the least are somehow exalted the most.

  9. Like Debbie (above), I'm standing and cheering waaaay over here in Phoenix.

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  11. WOW Gayle...AMEN and abundant blessings on you... Thanks for standing firm and I'm so glad it was published in Dallas, but it needed to be shared worldwide or at least throughout USA Hollywood to New York!

    Sorry about the delete but I hate typos!

  12. I'm in total agreement with you!

    Today my husband and I visted an exhibit of vintage WWII era aircraft. Many Hollywood stars fought in that war - proud to fight for their country. All they can do today is complain and protest...

    Thank you for standing up and speaking the truth.

  13. We certainly put adoration on the wrong "star" dont we. God is our star...our King...let us adore and worship him.

  14. Powerful and true. The small~small percent that try to make a difference don't seem to make it public.

  15. WOW..this was wonderful. I feel the sports players fall into the same category and end up being the hero figures for soo many of our youth. What a shame. If only there were more of them who were willing to speak out and make a difference. They have been put in such a unique position to do so. You had the opportunity with the paper to get the word out there and I commend you for doing so. CHEERING in California, Debbie

  16. I have to say I agree with what you said. All true. The only thing that hurts most about it, is that it is the rest of the people out here viewing and applauding these performers and performances that make it able to continue. If everybody just decided we didn't want to watch or support these garbage-dump choices we have placed before us each week on the tv and in the theaters, these people would have to change their careers or at least change the material they are using to entertain the fans of America.
    So I guess it is our culture that drives the entertainment world.
    Sad... Every one of us has to make the choice inside our own little haven from the outside world.
    You shared a great post. WE have to make a stand in our own private life to honor and glorify God and hope we will be a point of life to influence just one more person, and on and on it will spread...yes?!! Thanks for a thought provoking post. God bless you!

  17. I am totally in agreement with what you said! Thanks for sharing.


  18. Yes, Gayle. Thanks for saying what need to be said.

  19. Well said ! The world loves Hollywood. If you are in the world but not of the world ,It does not hold your fascination .

  20. Yes and amen sister!!!

    I popped over to your site from another Spiritual Sunday post to meet you! I love meeting new bloggy friends and hope you'll stop by my site sometime!

    I'm following your blog now!!

    Sweet Blessings!