Sunday, July 24, 2016

Savoring the Moments ~ Arabella and Me

Friday afternoon, I was needing some of my grand niece's sugar, so I texted her mother and she said come on over. They were looking out the front door when I drove into the driveway, and seeing their smiles made my heart glad.

Arabella is growing so fast, and learning something new every day, I'm sure. I wish I could pause the moments of her life, but all I can do is savor the ones we share.

As I sat next to her on the couch, breathing in her innocence, I thought of the world in which we live, where evil runs rampant. It's a dark place in many ways, but thank God for kids, the song says. They give us reasons to keep loving, and hoping and praying for brighter tomorrows. ♦

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Ties That Bind

It was a good 4th. Those who could, gathered among the pines with Mom and Dad at the old home place. Twin sister brought a roast with the trimmings, I brought potato salad, and Mother fixed a pot of pinto beans.

At one point, twin sister sat down at the piano and played patriotic tunes. Of course, harmonies soon followed, and prayers for our country were spoken aloud.

As the sun sank into the west, we retreated to the front porch for a picture. The trusty tripod captured this shot, while we battled the stifling humidity. Twin sister's hubby (my dear B-I-L) had a wounded toe. Thus, the one shoe.

In Daddy's usual fashion, we formed a circle in the living room and prayed before departing. As I squeezed the hands of those I love, I thanked God for the genuine joy in my soul and for ties that bind in a world that's unraveling. ♦

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