Monday, December 2, 2013

The Fleeting Days of November

I'm not sure how November disappeared so fast, but it did, and all that's left are pictures for the memory books. Here are a few of mine...

The month started off with dinner and my two favorite people.
We dined on the patio of one of our favorite spots.

The next day, we did a little grocery shopping together.
The camera is never far away when Nonni is around.

After four months of being at home with Audrey, my daughter went back to work full-time on November 4th. It was a big adjustment for them both. Here is my sweet grandchild, up much earlier than usual, heading to her sitter. I don't mind telling you, Nonni's heart hurts every time she looks at this picture.

My lovely niece kept Audrey a couple days while a permanent sitter was being located. Audrey and Cousin Ainsley got better acquainted, and my niece decided one child is enough...for now at least. HA!

The last weekend in November, Audrey and I were constant buddies while her mother took a quick road trip. I've never been to heaven, but I feel certain our time together was pretty close.

Leslie and I have been doing FaceTime since Audrey was born. Initially, she sat and stared. Then she grew into grabbing the phone. I wondered when she would finally recognize me, and today was the day. When she saw me and heard me singing "You Are My Sunshine," her face lit up like a Christmas tree. And so did mine! My daughter captured the moment. Priceless.

 And then it was Thanksgiving. I was the host, and my entire family (except for a stepson) gathered around my tables. I felt like the most blessed person on the earth.

Miss Audrey's mother had to work the next day, so Nonni was thrilled to be the babysitter. It was Audrey's first time to sleep in her baby bed at Nonni's house. She slept like a log. Nonni, not so much.

That evening, I was treated to dinner. Here is Audrey on the ride over.
 ♦  ♦  ♦
And that brings us to the end, my friends. Someone once said, "It isn't happy people who are thankful; it is thankful people who are happy." November reminds us to be thankful, and although I don't need reminding, as December unfolds, I am more thankful than words can tell.


  1. Wonderful family blessed you are!

  2. Your Grandaughter is adorable, I can relate to you, cause I too am enjoying my first and only grandchild, she is the center of my universe.

  3. I love your month of pictures and I'm sure there are tons more. Audrey is precious as is your entire family. Isn't being a Grandmother the best?!

  4. A Grandchild changes EVERYTHING!!!

    1. You can say that again, Christine! I'm trying to hold on to a little bit of my life, but I have withdrawal when I don't see her.

  5. Oh! I love the photo journal! What fun, fun, fun! Your g'baby's precious, girl!!!

    Happy week,
    {Aloha from Hawai'i}

  6. She gets more precious by the day. I loved every picture, and I totally agree with the quote at the end. Congratulations to your daughter for the new job, too.