Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday in Sugar Land

There isn't anything more precious to me than time spent with family. Today, my big sister, along with her daughter, granddaughter (Ainsley the Adorable) and son-in-law headed a few miles south to the beautiful city of Sugar Land, where my daughter works and lives. Leslie had invited her kindred to do lunch together, and God gave us a perfect afternoon. Blue skies. Sunshine. Temps in the 80s. Low humidity--something Houston rarely sees when the weather is warm.

We made memories over Mexican food, did a little shopping and just enjoyed being with each other. Those who couldn't make it were missed, but maybe we can have another gathering soon.

I love my family dearly. Each of us have burdens we bear, but God is ever mindful of us, and I am ever grateful.

My sweet niece and her hubby.

My sweet daughter and Miss Ainsley.

Me and Sugar Pie.

Ainsley and Nanna, enjoying the open window of Escalante's.

Miss Priss, circling the table, checking things out.

Ainsley and Nanna.


Entertaining shoppers at Nordstrom Rack.

She shopped till she dropped.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Adorable Ainsley

I just had to post this heart-stopping photo of Adorable Ainsley--my sweet niece's little girl. She was all tuckered out after a morning visit with her nana. As all parents know, watching children grow up is such a bittersweet thing. (Sigh.)

Friday, March 9, 2012

A Low-Cal, Low-Carb Snack

If you're counting calories and carbs, I want to share a favorite low-cal, low-carb, gluten-free snack of mine: Flavored Cream Cheese on a Lightly Salted Rice Cake (I use Quaker).

There are a lot of different rice cakes now, but I'm partial to the lightly salted ones for this snack. My favorite topping is pineapple cream cheese, but since my neighborhood store doesn't carry it, I use strawberry instead.

I know this snack isn't fancy, and it might not even sound good, but the saltiness of the rice cake, blended with the sweetness of the cream cheese is a perfect combo for my taste buds. And the crunch is wonderful!

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