Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Teen Tramps

A friend on Facebook linked to an article today about inappropriate attire for young girls. It reminded me of an article I wrote 10 years ago on the same topic. I'm glad somebody else is finally noticing and speaking out.

Sadly, you can't dictate what your kids wear when they become adults, but parents shouldn't let that stop them from leading their children in the right way early on.

I'm posting a link to my article, which originally appeared in the Dallas Morning News. It was later reprinted by the Jewish World Review. For me, it still packs a powerful punch, and its message is timeless. If you know parents of teens, I hope you'll pass it along.



  1. I just couldn't agree more. It is just as bad for REALLY young girls too. Like age 3 - 10. Everything is mini teen. I just hate it. What is frustrating too is when the mom's encourage it, (like your article) and as a grandmother I don't have a voice...very frustrating. And unfornately I believe there is such a tendency for the girls to grow up soo much faster these days. It is sad. It was a really good article.

  2. Wonderful piece, Gayle, and sentiments with which I agree whole heartedly.

    It makes me sad that a mother would so casually sell her daughter on the flesh market. Time after time, I just shake my head.

    It makes me think of the story of Salome and the urging from her mother that she dance. I have said to my SS class members on this very topic, "What's in it for you, Herodias?" There must be something that the mom hopes to gain from selling her daughter.

    It's not anything that I want.

    My husband dislikes the Tide commercial where the father tries to stain the skimpy skirt, and the mom gets it clean. He finds it offensive on so many levels, not the least of which is that the father needs to be the MAN of his house.

    He looks at girls in the Prom Promendade and wonders what their fathers could possibly be thinking.

    I'm so glad that he and I are on the same team, and that our daughters are "squares" as well.

    Didn't mean to write so much, but this is a hot topic with this mom.