Saturday, February 19, 2011

God Speaks. Are You Listening?

The 23rd Channel

My HDTV is my shepherd;
My spiritual growth shall want.
It maketh me to sit down and do nothing.
It leadeth me away from faith and family.
It destroyeth my soul.
It leadeth me in the paths of unrighteousness;
I am useless for his Name’s sake.
Yea, though I witness violence, immorality and wicked deeds,
I shall keep on watching.
For my HDTV is my treasure.
Its sound and its picture, they comfort me.
It presenteth entertainment before me and robs me of precious time.
Surely nothing good shall come of my life,
And I will remain deaf to the voice of God forever.

I'm linking to Spiritual Sundays, where faith lifts are free.


  1. Gail - your post is sad, but true. It's amazing the things God has to say to us - if we would only take time to listen.


  2. If you can't say," Amen", just say, Oh me"! LOL!

  3. I would say I love it but Oh.. it is so sadly true!! Thanks for the creative way of hitting the nail on the head!!

  4. Love it!

    In our recent study of Phil. 4:8, we discussed this very thing under the heading "Whatever is pure". It is an undeniable fact that if we're watching it, we're thinking about it. Therefore, if we watch that which isn't pure (or true... or honorable, etc.) we are not thinking thoughts in keeping with our profession of faith.

    I challenged the class to record everything they watched for a week and identify what thoughts it it stimulated.

    They pretty much told me the next week that it was best to just leave it off. ('Course, I knew that. Grin.)

    I'm going to copy down this little post and read it to them tomorrow.

  5. ouch!!! ☺ Hope your weekend is the best....

  6. I don't want to even think about what I have allowed my eyes to watch over the years. I wish I had spent that time in the company of Jesus instead. What treasures he had for me that I missed out on. Thanks for the reminder to watch what goes into my has a sneaky way of broadening the acceptable.

  7. Great and needed message and it certainly "hits home." Ouch! Thanks for posting.

  8. This is so sad and true.It sure does make me think.

  9. I agree that this is sad but true way too many times. Thank you for issuing the warning. It's something we all should think about.

  10. That definitely makes me think. I could substitute so many things in the HDTV space.