Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Simple Pleasure - Simply Speaking

Two years ago: Me. Dayle. Ronald Reagan Medical Center at UCLA. Dr. Berke. Throat surgery. The most surreal (and miraculous) week of my life.

The "surreal" part is another post for another day. The "miraculous" part? Well, to make a LONG story short, due to a rare vocal condition, my voice had all but quit working. Dr. Berke (and his expert team) rewired it and put it back together again. I'm eternally grateful.

Below is a stroll down Memory Lane:
Leaving on a jet plane - despite Hurricane Ike.

Me and Wombie at the hotel - after a frightening taxi ride.

Dr. Berke's office. 

Wombie: Her sister's keeper.
Me...waiting for final inspection prior to surgery the next day.
Me with Dr. Berke--my brilliant knight in the brown shirt.

Twelve of the most gorgeous yellow roses I've ever seen.

The whispering, monotone patient, smiling for Wombie (reflected in the glass).

The Pacific Ocean, glistening like a gem.

Two weary, but happy travelers. "Are we there yet?"
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

My simple pleasure today..and every day? Opening my mouth and speaking.

What's your simple pleasure? Inquiring minds want to know.
Click on Wombie's blog and tell us.


  1. I can't imagine not being able to talk, Gayle...that must have been quite an experience. Thank God they were able to fix it. I am sure you are thankful each and every day...

  2. It was a week of miracles, for sure, sweet wombie, twin sis of mine. Miracles and wacky happenings, but, as you say, that's a whole 'nother post. I know you had suffered for many years with your condition, searched diligently for answers and I know God led you to Dr. Berke. I was thankful to be there with you through it all and I'm deeply grateful for the successful outcome. This week is one I will never forget! And, yes, speaking--something most of take for granted--is such a simple pleasure, every single day.

  3. Wow! Gayle what a post. Yes, our voice, what a simple thing seemingly to talk but one that we should not take lightly. What an incredible story. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Rejoicing with you in this simple pleasure.

  4. I had never thought of it before, but the ability to speak is something I take for granted everyday. I know that someone who has been in a position like you rejoices daily over being able to talk. Praising God for your restored voice.


  5. You can also call this, A Love Story!
    Whew, glad to know you are on "speaking terms" again.

  6. how good to look back and feel the thankfulness... for the miracle and for the sister who took the journey with you!

  7. He is most gracious & loving! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story! Now.....if only we could "hear" you instead of just reading - LOL! Love & gratitude ~ Merana

  8. I can only imagine your gratitude, Gayle. Since I am losing my hearing (rapidly) I know a bit of how you felt and the incredible pleasure of being able to do something that others take for granted.

    Your trial would be must worse for me than the hearing is, though. Of that I'm sure. Not talking? Me? Just the thought...

    I'm so thankful that you got your voice back. I'm equally grateful that you speak with your fingers, too.

    (Wombie? Now that's cute!)

  9. Thanks for reminding me to be grateful for something that I take for granted.
    Just put had an aha moment...I thought Dayle was doing a number on us by starting another blog and posting on Simple Pleasures. Then the puzzle piece fell together. Nice to meet you will be following. Joining you at Simple Pleasures.

  10. That was exquisite! Such a gift is a sister. Such a gift to have a voice with which to speak to her!

  11. wow...this really is something to be thankful for. I love that name Wombie. Have to use it on my sister and I'm glad you have her....Stay well always ok....

  12. Our voice is something we so often take for granted. I know I do. It such a sweet simple pleasure to look back on times of past and give thanks.

    Thanks for sharing such a heartfelt story.

  13. So glad the surgery was successful. To be unable to speak - I can't imagine! TFS.

  14. Wow! What daily blessings we don't even think about until we may lose them...
    Thank you so much for your kind comment over at my place!

  15. I thought you looked an awful lot like Dayle! Ha! Glad you stopped by today. I would say this is truly a pleasure. Our voice, one of those things we take so for granted. I know since you sing it must have been even more difficult to deal with. Glad God found some hands to minister to and heal you! Have a great weekend!

  16. Now there is a simple pleasure we surely take for granted all the time. So glad the Lord used the Drs. to give you back your voice. Know that must have been a scary experience, but so glad things are better now.
    Nice to meet you here in blogland. This is my first visit to your blog, but wow, what a great
    story and simple pleasure.
    Blessings hon,

  17. Dear Gayle,
    I am so sorry you had to go through that bad time in your life but so very glad that you had your dear sister to be with you, comfort you, cheer you on and simply be in your corner for the duration. Wonderful that you found Your doctor and he was able to help you (with the Grace of God!)back to normal. Great Simple Pleasure!


  18. The two of you are beautiful. I sense such a precious character in you both, just looking at each of you.

    What a blessing to have a sister to share in such a stretching experience!! This is definitely a simple pleasure.

    Now...I don't know how much of a simple pleasure it is to the men in my know...for my ability to speak ;)

  19. Voice is something we often take for granted. Being a retired teacher I often over talked my limit... and my voice would shut down. I quess my husband wishes it would more often, lol.
    I'm glad you were blessed and got your voice back.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your sweet comment. Your newest follower, Annette