Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sister Time On The Island

Sometimes you just need to escape with people who love you back, so on Thursday, I sent a text to my two sisters asking if they would be interested in a short getaway to Galveston—all expenses paid. They both said yes, so around noon on Friday, off we went to my favorite hotel on the Island, the San Luis Resort.

After a quick freshening up at the hotel, we headed to one of our favorite dining spots, Fisherman's Wharf. It was unusually quiet inside the restaurant, and between our slurps and bites, we laughed like school girls and enjoyed the view outside our window.

Afterwards, back at the hotel, I brewed a cup of coffee, donned my hoodie and retreated to the patio. The wind was gusty and cool, but nothing could mar the calming effect of the waves crashing to the shore.

While I tried to comprehend the greatness of a Creator who spoke the world into existence in six days, I received a text from a longtime friend who knows the personal heartache I carry: "Always know, the sun still shines behind every cloud. We only have one chance at life on God's beautiful planet earth. Live it to the fullest and make the best of every day, in spite of all. Bless you, dear friend. I love you." Her words touched my soul, and I was grateful for friends who genuinely care when I am hurting.

Later, as daylight slipped away and dusk fell across the Island, the sun suddenly broke through the clouds in a stunning descent westward. I remembered my friend's timely words and stared in awe at the Creator's matchless handiwork. Not only did I have sisters who love me back, I had a Creator who loved me to the cross and back. Even on the cloudiest of days, I am blessed beyond measure. ♦


  1. What a great way to share sister time. I am going to see one of mine out of town next week for a few days. I have two, the other lives closer and see real often. I definitely agree with your friend, Live ever day to the fullest as it may be the last.

  2. Love x 18! I can only imagine how full the love tank is today, fueled for the new todays you face. God knew before you and your twin were even born that you would need this day. He has everything you need to face every day. Joy on your journey 'through,' dear Gayle.


    1. Thank you, sweet Kelly, for your handwritten note of encouraging words recently. They were just what I needed and meant more than you know.

  3. Getting away with my wonderful sisters is always a pleasure, whether we're in a luxury hotel, or camped out under the stars. Thank YOU, dear twin, for generously footing the hotel expenses at the fabulous San Luis Resort, as you so often do. I think it was a much-needed reprieve for us all.

    P.S. What comforting words from your friend, words I needed to hear, as well.

  4. Gayle, I know you are hurting and can only guess why. Your friend (and sisters) are a comfort but God can heal.
    A friend said to me, recently, "During a test, where is the teacher? The teacher sits there quietly, waiting until the test is finished."
    I hope your personal heartache is healed soon.

  5. I can just imagine what a precious time this was for all of you "girls". There's nothing like being with your sisters...I miss mine terribly and treasure the moments we can spend together. And being at the sea shore certainly adds to the joy :)

  6. I can't imagine life without my sister. Through thick and thin she's always been there for me, just as yours have for you.

    Although they can't take away the pain, they sure help us get through it. I pray the heartache you're going through ends soon. There's no situation too big for God to handle. I love you.

  7. Bless your dear, precious heart, Gayle. It breaks my heart to know that you are going through this trial, and I just trust Jesus to give you strength and comfort and peace for each day. I am praying for you. SO thankful you got to get away with your dear sisters and that you have such amazing friends to help you stay encouraged. God bless you, sweet friend. :)

  8. My sisters and I live on different coasts and sister time, when we can get it, is so precious to each of us. I'm glad that you were able to have that time. Beautiful post.

  9. Thank you for sharing this beautiful and heartfelt piece with SYC.

    I hope you continue to heal and are thankful for each day.

  10. Those impromptu get aways are the best! When my sisters and I are together we laugh like school girls as well. Glad you had a fun time! Thanks for sharing with SYC.