Sunday, April 17, 2016

A Guest Room Brightening

Recently, I decided to re-do my guest room and brighten it up a bit. I didn't want to spend a lot of money, so I didn't. ☺

My main purchase was a quilted reversible bed topper. It came with two throw pillows, and had a beach theme. I also bought a set of sheets, a bedside lamp, and a few matching linens for the adjoining bathroom.

I had seashells galore, so I put some in aqua containers.

I had lighthouses and seagulls, so I scattered them about.

The canvas on the wall is a story all by itself, but yours truly painted it years ago. Could it be more perfect? And the sheer ivory panels? They were in a closet, and I don't remember from whence they came.

Eventually, I will paint the accent wall a lighter color, but for now, it'll have to do.

The little bench was a last-minute decision, but I think it looks perfect beneath the window, and I think Teddy is a warm and welcoming roommate to any house guests who might visit.

I'm joining:

Cindy for Amaze Me Monday
Judith for Mosaic Monday


  1. It is lovely, my friend!
    Charming, colorful, cozy, and inviting.
    Your guests are blessed. Have a cozy day, my friend!

  2. I love it, Gayle! Isn't it amazing what you can do by just switching out a few things?

  3. It's charming at it best. Love everything about it and I think I'm going to be the first guest!

  4. At "it" best? Well ... you know what I mean. ;)

  5. There is nothing better than doing some spring refreshing.
    I love the colors.

    I hope you will share this this week at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.
    Just stop by my blog Thursday to join in. We would love to have you.

    Enjoyed visiting,
    White Spray Paint

  6. Wow, this is just beautiful! I like the darker color on the wall, I think it makes the room look very warm and cozy. You did an amazing job, and it is just lovely! Your guests will feel very welcome there! :)

  7. That's a very pretty room - so welcoming. Lucky guests!

  8. Such a welcoming guest room and I like the colours you're using. (FYI, Vee doesn't host MM :-)

    1. You are so right, Judith, and I will correct that right now. Thanks for the heads up! I knew better.

  9. Oh...this was fun. You once thought that I hosted MM? No, I did the Notecard Party and really enjoyed it while it was going. In the end, only a few were participating. It's a challenge to find photos for a notecard theme each month.

    On to your new guestroom. The beautiful, cheery colors drew me in. You have created a wonderful nest for guests to land.

  10. Where did you get your bed topper and all

    1. Martha, my goal was to have the biggest bang for the smallest buck, so when I found the bed set in Ross for about $40 (complete with reversible topper, two throw pillows and two shams) I bought it right away.