Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dayle Has Moved

I know some of my followers also follow my lovely twin sister's blog, and if you have been looking for her blog, it is still around, but it has changed names and addresses. Her new blog address is:

HOWEVER, if you want to add her to your Blog List or Reader in blogspot, that address might not work. If not, here is a message from Dayle telling you what to do:

Dear Friends,
If you want to add my blog to your Blog List or Reader, you will need to use the following link:
It will appear that you're linking to my feed, but, by some miracle, once it's added to the Blog List or Reader, it actually goes directly to my blog.
I'm still beating myself up for starting this nightmare. LOL! Thanks for hanging with me.


  1. I am soo glad you posted this as I WAS having trouble adding the new address to my sidebar! So nice you are helping her out!

    1. Anything for my wombmate, Debbie. :-)

  2. Thanks for spreading the word, sweet twin sister! I hope the actual blog address will work eventually, but I'm glad I discovered a solution for now.