Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday: My Thrift Store Find

A few weekends ago, I spotted a set of dishes while trolling for treasures in a local thrift store. The dishes appealed to me from afar, so I studied them closer and found a possible reason for my instant lure. The name of the China is "Lovely," and the pattern is "Gayle." What's not to love?

It was an "89-piece" set, and they were reduced from $100 to $49.99. I immediately snapped a photo and sent it to Twin Sister (who leases a space at our antique gallery). She was interested, but only if they dropped the price to $35. I asked, and they did, so I loaded them up and hauled them out. (It was no easy task, believe me.)

 When I informed Dayle that the dishes had taken over my SUV, waiting for their new home, I didn't hear a ton of excitement in her voice. It's a lot of dishes, after all, and she has limited space. I get it.

She had already suggested I might keep them, since my name is on the bottom, and after her less than enthusiastic response about my bargaining power, I decided to do just that: Unload them and make them mine.

I think they will be perfect for my Thanksgiving table. ♦


  1. I agree, they will be perfect for Thanksgiving dinner.

    Your sister sure helped you out with the price!

    1. Twin sister is a tough customer! I thought they were a bargain at $49.99!

  2. Love them and the price! perfect!

  3. Awww ... I'm sorry I didn't sound impressed with your bargaining skills (hehe). Like there was ever a doubt you'd get 'er done? I think they're perfect for fall, the leaves and colors, and with a name like Lovely Gayle, how could you not keep them?