Thursday, May 23, 2013

Three Years and Grateful

This week I celebrated three years on my job. Woo Hoo!

Three years might not sound like a long time to work at one place (and it really isn't), but in today's job market, having a job at all is reason to celebrate. Our director brought in Mediterranean food (my latest passion) and I ate way too much. Waaaaay too much.

I have friends who are struggling without work, and as someone who has been in their shoes, I am a witness that, if you put God first in your finances, he will supply your needs. Keep your head up, and keep the faith.

Thank you, God, for the job you've blessed me with. Not a day goes by that I'm not grateful.


  1. When I started reading this, I realized that I actually remember when you started this job. That means that I've been following you for THREE YEARS?!? Wow.

    Congratulations! (And you are right on the money when you say that in this economy, a job is something to celebrate.)

    1. Seems like only yesterday, Debbie. :-)

  2. Celebrating three years is important. I'll join you in your celebration because as you put it so well,"but in today's job market, having a job at all is reason to celebrate".
    Congratulations on your perseverance and grace.

  3. This is indeed cause for celebration, Gayle! Congrats! Enjoy all the mediterranean food you want. I hear it's healthy. :)

  4. I'm so thankful God provides - not just for me but for you too. Congrats on three years. Love you.

  5. Gratitude is a wonderful blessing.
    Audrey's mom is beautiful....congrats to both of you!
    The grand dog is darling.
    The story about your dad's! Took my breath away. What an amazing legacy. Can't think of a better one. Talk about providing for your family!