Monday, April 1, 2013

Sprigs of Green

On a whim, I purchased some tomato seeds a few weeks ago, hoping to sprout a plant between now and summer. (Fat chance, I know, but let me dream.)

The directions said to start the seeds inside, and transplant after danger of frost, so I dropped a few seeds in some soil, put the container in my kitchen window and watered and waited.

I was delighted to see sprigs of green yesterday morning. How fitting that they burst forth over the Easter weekend, don't you think? My thumb isn't terribly green, but I hope to reap some tomatoes when summertime comes around. Got a long way to go, but I'll keep you posted.


  1. Tomatoes--one of my favorite things in the whole world--my mom craved them when she was pregnant with me and I guess I inherited the gene--hope they grow big and beautiful and tasty!

    1. Thanks, Dianne! I LOVE fresh tomatoes, and they make Texas summers a bit more bearable. :)

  2. Go, girl. Go, go, go!! I want a mater sammich when you start harvesting.

  3. Oh yum...nothing like home grown tomatoes. ENJOY!

  4. You are a lucky woman! I love growing in pots so yesterday I planted several cloves of garlic. I hope they grow soon.
    Hugs from the south of Spain

  5. I hope they grow! We actually had some success with tomato plants here. As long as we keep them in the pots and don't try something realllly bold like actually grow them in the dirt, we are good to go.

  6. Love tomatoes...if there is only one thing planted in my garden, it is tomatoes. I'm with Dayle about having a mater sammich; can't wait to have real tomatoes to have real mater sammiches.