Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mother

Tomorrow is my dear mother's birthday. Although she is a woman of great wisdom, her life has taught me much more than her words ever could. No matter the circumstances, Mother made the best of what she had.

Whether in feast or famine, her faith in God (and in the goodness of his people) never wained. Some say I look like her, but more than anything, I want to be like her, forgiving others as God forgives me, faithful in small things, unwavering in my faith.

Here are a few favorite pics of my mom: 

Mother as a young child with her mom. I love her curls.
Mother as a school kid, trying to hide her missing tooth.
I love this picture of Mother (far left) standing so prim and proper.
Her brother is beside her (Mr. Cool in the sunglasses). Her mother is on the far right.
I don't know the other people in the photograph. Friends, I think.
Mother, posed beautifully again beside a car.
Mother, with the man she would marry for life - my dear dad.
Mother, laughing with her firstborn - Big Sister, Elaine.
Mother, five days before me and my twin sister were born. She was 23.
She didn't know she was carrying two bundles of joy.
Mother and her surprise child - me.
Amazingly enough, we can't find any pictures of her holding Dayle and me together.
Mother, making melody unto the Lord.
Mother and her "babies" today.


  1. This post made me cry. I love my mother so very much!

  2. Your mother is indeed a very special person. Happy Birthday to Mom Allen. I love her dearly and although miles separate us, we have love for each other and I'm so thankful to have been called "one of my girls".

  3. How beautiful Gayle and how blessed you are to still have your mother with you to spend time together. Thank you for sharing such beautiful
    photos and family memories. Very sweet and touching.

  4. She is still prim and proper! What a lovey example and role model for all of us.
    Thank you for sharing her with us, Happy Birthday!