Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mosaic Monday: Saturday Skies & Weekend Musings

My visit with the parents this weekend was short but sweet. Daddy is doing as well as Daddy can do without being mobile. (You can read a tiny bit about his fall here.) We pray he doesn't need additional surgery when this "still" time is over. Please pray with us for a good report further down the road.

The pine trees surrounding my parents' home never cease to amaze me. So tall and stately. Hurricane Rita's wrath destroyed a number of gigantic trees on their property, but this small cluster has remained standing. They seem to touch the sky. I couldn't resist snapping a picture of them yesterday afternoon.

While preparing the dinner table that evening, Mother pointed out the sunset behind us and I ran for the Kodak. As I opened the patio door, a lizard jumped into the house, which sent me and Mother scurrying for something to pop him with, while Daddy sat in his wheelchair hollering, "Step on him! Step on him!" I don't squash lizards in my sock feet (or even in my shoes, for that matter. Ugh!) And, obviously, neither does Mother. Thus, the broom was the weapon of choice, and I did my best to scoot the lizard outside to a safer environment, away from silly, squeamish females. I do hope he lived to tell the tale.

The sunset pictures were taken mere moments apart, yet the hues and clouds are totally different. Masterpieces from the Master, you might say. Majestic comes to mind.

I'm home now, and another work week will begin in a few hours. As the old song says, "How rich I am since Jesus came my way." I can't imagine life in such a troubled world without the Giver of peace.

Until we meet again, my dear ones, I hope your weekend has been full of good and beautiful things, and I hope your week is a blessed one, indeed. ♦

How Rich Am I

How rich I am since Jesus came my way,
Redeemed my soul and turned my night to day.
How very rich, how very rich I am!

Such peace and joy I never knew before.
And countless blessings from His boundless store.
How very rich, how very rich I am!

There's a greater glory in a sunset,
A brighter twinkle in a star,
There's much more promise in a rainbow,
More music in a singing bird by far;

All things have changed my eyes once blind can see,
The whole wide world is now a symphony,
And with all this, heav'n is my destiny,
How rich I am!
Author: Peterson, John W.Copyright: 1956.
Renewed 1984 John W. Peterson Music Company
CCLI License No. 810055

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  1. Lovely poem and beautiful sky photos. Lovely images! Have a happy week!

  2. So pretty, the colours of the sky change by the moment. Glad the lizard made it out ok.

  3. Beautiful sunset photos. I hope your father does well.

  4. I'm always looking up at the sky! You took some amazing photos! Happy Monday!

  5. Photography is beautiful and wonderful poetry or song lyrics ~ Sending lots of healing hugs for your Dad and family ~

    (A Creative Harbor)

  6. Sky photos are amazing - capturing a moment in time. I hope your week ahead is full of God's good gifts.

  7. As always, I love your photos. And, I love you. Sending hugs your way!.

  8. Love the pics, dear sis. The lizard story made me laugh.

  9. Lovely skies. Mother Nature paints a beautiful picture. Hope your father continues quickly on his recovery.

  10. Right before I came here, I had read Dayle's post on patience. Then, I got to come here and giggle at the lighter side of your dad's wheelchair days with the lizard story. I can imagine in my head that when it was over you belly laughed and thanked God for the silly lizard moment.

    I always enjoy pretending peeking in the windows and watching your family.

  11. You make me laugh. Love the pictures you share and prayers for your dad to have a complete recovery!