Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Seasonal Switcheroo

FALL has arrived in my house, and I'm hoping the weather cooperates shortly.

Here are a few pictures, documenting my seasonal switcheroo. I was shooting for an unrefined look this yearkinda like me. I mainly used things I already had. Nothing too fancy.

I wanted a garland this year, but since I couldn't find anything I liked, I put my crafting hat on and made me one. I considered making my own leaves out of scrapbook paper, but when I saw these at Michael's (a pack of 12 for $1.99) I snatched them up. I "customized" each leaf with a handwritten note of thanks for each member of my family. I attached them to a simple rope, using strips of green ribbon. They are bright and beautiful, yet simple and fun.

My grandmother's painting transitioned seamlessly from summer to fall. I love the gold tones of the sunset and the blues of the sky.

American flags hang around my house, no matter the season. My copper pumpkin seemed like a perfect spot for one. Another one is nestled among the eucalyptus on the other end of the mantel.

I've used these wreaths for about three years now. I have one on the dining room window, the living room window, and one on the front door. They are so vibrant, and represent fall beautifully I think.

My daughter gave me this Willow Tree "Mother and Daughter" figurine several years ago, and it is a real treasure of mine. It usually sits in my bedroom, but I love it on the mantel. By the way, the berry garland running along the back I got for a steal last year at Michael's. It cost me one penny. Really.

My twin sister gave me the "Angel of Hope" during a difficult season of my life. I thought it fit perfectly on the mantel, too.
My dining table is a mish-mash of fall leaves, colored stones and various nuts, scattered around lanterns I got at Ross earlier this year for $7 each. They have flameless candles in them, and that's perfect for a table. No napkins on fire! And since copper and fall go hand-in-hand, I used two of my copper kettles to give it all a bit of shine.
And last, but not least, are my two scarecrows. My sister bought me the little boy a few years back, and he is adorable, guarding the fireplace. I spotted the little girl in Michael's the other day, and I couldn't leave her in the store.
That's all! Happy FALL y'all!
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  1. Visiting from BNOTP Metamorphosis Monday. Lovely fall mantel~like your homemade leaf garland!

  2. I love how it turned out. The banner is my favorite thing, but Grandmother's picture runs a close second.

  3. Oh my! Your fall decor is wonderful! You did a fabulous job. :)


  4. Love it all...warm and homey. I especially like the garland...what a good idea. Enjoy your week!

  5. The minute my eyes saw that garland with the thank yous on it, I knew that I wanted to do something like that here. I love that.

    I actually love it all. If I could just bottle up autumn and keep it all year, I would love it. But then, maybe it wouldn't be so special if it were common, huh?