Monday, August 20, 2012

Mosaic Monday: The Grand Niece

I broke my camera recently, and I'm quite lost without it. I have ordered its replacement, but for now, the iPhone camera has to do. Ugh. Yesterday, I went to the local nursery to select some plants for my up and coming yard. I had to snap a few pics of the grand niece, riding on the cart. She is growing every day, and learning something new, I'm sure.

I hope your week is filled with good things. I'm linking to Mosaic Monday.


  1. She is sure adorable and you captured her so well.
    Up and coming yard????

    1. Christine, my backyard has been desolate for awhile now. My twin is helping me create a tiny area to bring me a bit of joy. Thus, the plants. :-)

  2. Sugar plum is so adorable on the cart. Love her to pieces, all my heart, so much. :)

  3. She is darling, indeed! And your twin is wonderful.

  4. What a little doll! She is obviously soo loved! Have a good week.

  5. I smile every time I think about you and that twin of yours playing with your very special living doll. I can't wait until we have another generation around here.

    She's so adorable. I love the new family shop too!

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