Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Smoky Mountain Rain

My twin and I spent a week atop a Smoky Mountain recently. I've been daydreaming of returning ever since. It was a true paradise. We discussed buying a cabin and becoming recluses in our old age. It sounds promising, but until then, I'll look at my photo albums and dream on. This particular picture was shot one morning after a foggy rain moved in. It was perfect weather for hanging in our pjs, drinking hot cocoa and playing Scrabble. We did all three, of course.

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  1. Simple life ... that is my choice too.
    Joyce M

  2. This makes we want to get in the car and go to Gatlinburg.

  3. I like the contrasts of textures, tones and light...lovely.

  4. This is a beautiful photo. I love when the fog rolls in. We had a lot of it when we lives in the mountain range in Heidelberg, Germany. Blessings, Debbie

  5. I LOVE the Smokies. I would love to own a cabin there one day, too. Actually, I would be happy with a cabin in any old mountain... or just one in the woods. I love cabining and think it should be a word.

    So I just made it one.
    It's a gerund. Yep.

  6. We used to go to the Smoky Mtns a lot when we lived in TN. Great place and your photo makes me miss it (makes me a little misty too, if you'll pardon the pun :)

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