Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mosaic Monday: Smart Kids and Smart Phones

Spending time with one-year-old Ainsley (my niece's little girl) works magic on me. She is such a delight, and is in the process of learning everything about everything. In no time at all, she'll be sending text messages and surfing the web. I have no doubt.

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  1. Yes, my 5 year old Grandson has taught me everything I need to know about electronic games. My two year old granddaughter already learned on her own how to bring up pictures on her dad's smart phone and scroll to the ones she wanted. It's scary.

  2. kids... they learn quick - sweet pictures, thanks for sharing...

  3. How cute. Maybe soon they'll be learning to write before they talk...
    (Visiting from Mosaic Monday)

  4. Isn't that cute!! I hope she doesn't call China.

    The other evening, our daughter was visiting her former youth pastor and his family. Their little one year old got a hold on her phone and in her curious pressing, called our house. I realized pretty quickly what had happened when I heard nothing but deep baby breathing and her father's voice in the background.

    Was she ever surprised when she heard the little box call out her name.
    Then, I heard a little baby voice saying "hey" (Georgia for "Hi", but you know that.)

    Now that I think about it... that was a simple pleasure on both ends.

  5. Dear little Ainsley! She brought a smile to my heart this morning!

  6. She's really cute! & Ingolfed in something. Have a great day. Love your mosaic. Pat

  7. They're born with all the Smart Phone knowledge in their DNA these days. They just "get it".