Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Simple Pleasures ~ Mom and Dad

At some point every day, I thank God for my beloved parents. Although I don’t subscribe to borrowing trouble, occasionally, I try to imagine my world without their voices…their smiles…their words of encouragement…their hugs…their daily prayers for me and my daughter. It's a sobering thought, for sure.

I wrote a song many years ago called, "One Time Around." It talks about the brevity of life, and how important it is to make each day count. Part of the lyrics say, "Mom and Dad won't always be there when you finally get back home. They won't always stand with open arms asking, 'Why's it been so long?' If I could somehow stop that clock; make the sun stand still. But that's just wishful thinking; I know I never will. I've got to make each day count. I only have one time around."
So many of my parents' friends passed away last year, and I know Mom and Dad won't live forever. But having them here today is an immeasurable pleasure that I never take for granted. ♦
"Honor thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee," Exodus 20:12.

Linking to my twin sister's Simple Pleasures party. Hope to see you there.


  1. Gayle - this is beautiful and so true. I haven't had my parents for many years (I was born to them later in their lives). I still miss them, but rejoice in the fact that someday I will see them again and I'm thankful for the memories.


  2. Beautiful...just posted on my blog in honor of my Dad who passed away 8 years old.
    You are so right...cherish every moment.


  3. You are wise to cherish this time. Thank you for sharing this lovely tribute.

  4. So true. After losing my grandmother last April, I treasure each moment that I have had with her. A simple pleasure - every moment.

  5. Oh, I wish I possessed your wisdom years ago ... this post just brought tears to my eyes. You, and your parents, are so very blessed ... I appreciate your sharing these sweet moments.

  6. As your twin sister, who is blessed to have the same parents, similar thoughts cross my mind much more these days than they used to; it seems so many of Mom and Dad's friends are passing on. But whenever the day comes for us to say goodbye, I will be heartbroken for sure, but God has blessed them with such long and healthy lives, and what great examples they have been to their family. We couldn't ask for anything more.

    Always good to see you at the party, sweet sis.

  7. Gayle, that is so lovely!
    You are blessed to have your beautiful parents still with you. We certainly do need to treasure every moment we have with our loved ones!
    bless you..Trish

  8. Hi Gayle,it's lovely you and your family still have your Mum and Dad with you.Trish and I lost our Dad in 1988,but our Mum is still with us at age 94.We treasure her.Next week I'm taking our Mum to HER sister's 100th birthday party.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  9. this is beautiful. I'm trying to give that to my girls....we're pretty tight and I'm so thankful for that...

  10. A treasure ..and enjoy each and every day you have with them I know what its like with out them so enjoy them , spend as much time with them as possible

  11. Wow! I would love to hear you sing that song! I lost my Dad last October, and talk to my Mom everyday. I thank God for both of them everyday, too! Thank you so much for this post! Enjoy commuting to work with your lovely sister!

  12. I love the lyrics that you included, Gayle, and I really relate to this entire simple pleasure. I miss my dad every single day of my life, and I don't like to think what it will be like when I no longer have the Duchess in this world.

    Great simple pleasure.
    I was trying to figure out where you and your twin got those great cheekbones. It looks like you got them from BOTH parents. Unless, of course, they have just grown to look alike in their years of marriage.

    BTW, stop hogging Dayle!!

  13. Beautiful, Gayle. I too, treasure my parents and their godly heritage. We are blessed.

  14. This is just beautiful! Now that I live apart from my parents and have children of my own, I have grown to respect and love them even more with every passing day. You are right that their time isn't infinite - and thanks for the reminder to treasure each day we do have together. Mine are traveling from MD to GA to see me right now and I can't wait!