Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Simple Pleasures - Holding Ainsley Brielle

I held Ainsley Brielle, my neice's newborn, for the first time last night. Sniffing her soft hair and skin sent me skyward. I was reminded of a song I wrote many years ago. A couple asked me to pen lyrics for their newborn daughter's dedication ceremony at church. I was honored to be a part of such a special occasion. I called it "Kimberly's Song." I'm posting them today with Ainsley in mind. Bless you, little one. Great-Auntie G loves you already.


Music and Lyrics by Gayle A. Cox

A bundle of love
Sent from above
A dream come true.
Sugar 'n spice; everything nice;
Baby’s brand new.
Tiny hands; tiny feet
Eyes baby blue
We stand amazed;
Hearts filled with praise;
So grateful, Lord to you.

She's our Master's piece; a work of art
A picture of love, created by God.
Perfection in lace; that smile on her face
Designed by God.
Just a little child, but Lord, we pray
When she is grown others will say
What a Master's piece; a work of art
Created by God.

Let Your glory shine within her eyes;
Let her be the image of You.
A portrait of love; Your perfect love
Lord, let it shine through.

Repeat chorus.

Written especially for Kimberly Annette Cain.


  1. Songs can move us to tears! Emotions that just pierce our hearts. How special to have a song written just for your child.

  2. Love the picture. Love the song. Always love it when you link up.

  3. Love the lyrics! Made me tear up. I'd love to hear the tune. :)

  4. that's beautiful and that little babe...adorable.

  5. How beautiful Gayle!! Babies are so very precious and this little girl will obviously be very loved :-)

  6. First off, I love that both you and your soul mate sister had the same inspiration for a simple pleasure.

    She's precious, and I LOVE your song. I would love to hear it. You're so gifted!

  7. Simply beautiful. Such a sweet picture and song. Blessings!

  8. I love the lyrics -- such talent flowing through you!

  9. This little girl is loved and cherished...she is just a "lump of sugar" like her auntie says :)

    The lyrics are just lovely.

    Maria -a housewife:)

  10. Lovely song !! I just bet you and your sister are spoiling this baby ~~as you should ~~

  11. What a lucky little girl she is, to have so much love around her. The words in the song are beautiful.

  12. Oh Gayle, Ainsley is precious and the song certainly decribes her even if written for someone else. I knew you were a gifted writer but didn't know you wrote songs. You are a very gifted and talented lady. Keep sharing. I love it!

  13. How sweet, that you and Dayle shared about the same precious simple pleasure today! I always am thinking about the children in my life lately, when it comes to Simple Pleasures. I thought when I saw your title, it was going to be your granddaughter. Nieces and great nieces are very special, too! Thank you for sharing your song!

  14. That was a sweet song, Gayle. Thanks for stoppiong by my blog, by the way, and commenting. Isn't participating in Simple Pleasures fun? Susan

  15. Beautiful song. Nothing like holding a baby!

  16. Thank you! Just held my first granddaughter two weeks ago when she was an hour old. I felt like I was staring through a window into heaven.

    So amazingly complete and unique at the moment of birth. So thankful. Your lyrics describe it perfectly.