Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blogging Blues

I don't know if one can blog part-time and be considered a real blogger, but such is my life. I rarely have time to blog, and even less time to read other blogs. Maybe one day when my ship comes in or my rich prince comes calling or I win the lottery, I'll be a true-blue blogger and blog on a regular basis.

Til then, it'll be weekly. Or maybe monthly. Or maybe yearly.

Don't miss me too much.


  1. Gayle - I understand. Lately, I've had very little time to visit other blogs and I miss that. I have managed to keep my posts going, but a majority of them have been sub-par writing.

    Anyway, I enjoy reading your posts when you blog.

  2. Oh Gayle, I so "get" this! Every night after work I'm torn between spending time with my DH or retreating to the bedroom to blog. Never mind, feeling guilty for not cleaning house or visiting others' blogs. Vicious cycle, isn't it?
    I think we shouldn't worry so much if we're "real" bloggers and take it one day/week/month at a time!

  3. I DO miss you! I understand too. When I work even part time it messes with my ability to read and enjoy let alone write. When I worked full time during the month of May, I was too brain dead at the end of the day to even log on to the computer. I missed it.

    I hope that you can stop by blogland over the weekends when you feel the energy and let us know what is happening in Twinland Texas!

    Hugs and prayers for encouragement, Gayle.

  4. Your #1 fan will miss you very much, but try to pop in occasionally. I do good to blog three times a week, which is fine by me. With the holidays upons, I'll probably be blogging it even less.