Thursday, September 2, 2010

Simple Pleasures

The smell of coffee brewing in the workplace.

Linking to my sister's Simple Pleasures.


  1. Well, I wondered where you were! Now, I'll have to go back and delete my whine about you being AWOL.

    I love that one too. I teach part time sometimes in a little bookroom at school. At the end of the hall near me, one of the teachers perks hazelnut coffee ( you can tell by the smell...) It just makes me feel good all over.

    Of course, I felt even better good when she offered me a cup one day!

  2. I have a co-worker who makes hazelnut coffee too. Love that smell...and the offer of having a cup :D

    Please drop by my blog and see the things that made me smile :D


  3. Gayle, I could agree more. Although I love the smell of it anywhere it is brewing. :)

    Great simple pleasure!

  4. Hey sweet twin sister! I know you're a busy girl, and if you can't come to the party every week, well, it's ok. You'll be missed though.

    I say a prayer for you each morning, that you will have a great day at work, and the strength to get through it ... and the smell of coffee and all such things. I actually miss that part of working. I so enjoyed going in and making a pot of coffee for the gang. Simple pleasure for sure.

  5. Love the smell of coffee brewing. I didn't start drinking coffee until I was 40 years old. I always loved the smell of it but didn't like the taste. Now I drink it every day. My son laughed when I started drinking coffee at age 40. He said now I was old enough to drink it.
    Love this simple pleasure.

  6. Oh, yes. Or the smell of it brewing anywhere, in my humble opinion! I set it up so I wake up to the smell of it brewing each morning :)

  7. totally agree with the smell of coffee brewing. ☺

  8. One of the greatest simple pleasures of my life--couldn't agree more!

  9. It's unanimous!!! The best part of waking up .....

  10. I'm with you on this! Just the smell perks me up.

  11. Gayle,
    I do love the smell of coffee brewing but just can't drink it anymore...stomach issues, you see! I do remember, though, when it was my simple pleasure, too!


  12. Gayle.. I am with you on that.. I love the simple pleasures of life... and coffee is a good one..
    Enjoy the weekend...
    talk to ya again soon