Thursday, July 22, 2010

Simple Pleasures - "Dubble Bubble"

Blowing Bubbles..... makes me feel like I'm 10 again.

I'm so excited to link to my twin sister's blog today as she hosts her first blog party: "Simple Pleasures." I can't wait to hear what YOUR simple pleasures are, so pop in and join us. (Just don't pop my bubble!)


  1. Love it, sis! That's a very big bubble, girlfriend!

  2. OK... first you got into my head with the camping post, and now you are singing my tune with the bubble gum. I will admit it: Sometimes I load up my mouth with several pieces and try to blow huge bubbles just because I can...

    It's just a little sugar rebellion from me from time to time.

  3. Love it! I'm impressed with your bubble blowing skills!

  4. Now that's a bubble! I remember when I first loved to blow bubbles I stood in front of the mirror for what seemed like hours watching myself.

    You brought a smile to my face today.


  5. I love blowing bubbles, and I lover the taste of Double Bubble. I remember back in the 40s when bubble gum first became available. Everybody at school was talking about it and the little grocery store that was selling it. Ah, the good ole days. LOL