Friday, June 4, 2010

Flopsy-Topsy Turvy

I had hoped the Topsy-Turvy would be this Southern gal's dream come true—there's nothing better than a tomato sandwich, after all—and I had hoped to "show and tell" of tomatoes bursting forth from every branch. But alas, no tomatoes have emerged, and the plant is downright puny.

I've always wanted a vegetable garden (like my dad used to grow when I was a little girl). But I guess I'll have to marry a farmer to bring that about. My thumb just isn't green enough. Oh, well. The farmer's market isn't too far away, and juicy tomatoes are always ripe and heaped high. All's well that ends well, I suppose.

I'm linking to Show and Tell Friday. Come on over and see what's showing.


  1. Since I'm from the south, I'll just say "Bless your heart"...

    I totally "get" the lack of a green thumb since mine is a notorious shade of chocolate itself.

    The husband is trying though. We seem to have good results as long as I don't try to help it along.

    Hugs to you fellow brown thumber.
    Get thee to the farmers market.

  2. I've grown a few tomato plants in my day, but the Farmer's Market is just so much simpler. LOL!

  3. Oh what a bummer! I've seen these advertised in decorating mags and was contemplating getting one for my apartment deck. But I too have a thumb that murders innocent plants to maybe not:(

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