Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dear Dad

Growing up along the banks of the Mississippi River, the sound of Daddy praying was as common as the sound of Mother frying eggs.

Like Daniel of old, Daddy prayed every day—rain or shine, sleet or snow, hail or high water.

Although nobody ever threw Daddy into a den of lions for praying, many mornings, I wanted to.

How dare he disturb me before sunrise! Didn’t he know how sleepy I was!

Didn’t he care that his loud praying woke up the entire household—not to mention every rooster in Warren county!

And why did he have to call MY name in prayer? What if I didn’t want to be saved? What if I wanted to grow up and be the biggest sinner the South had ever seen?

Why couldn’t he just leave me out of it and pray for something really important—like a bigger house where I could have my own room with soundproof walls?

James 5:16 says, “The effectual ‘fervent’ prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

And indeed, it does.

Today, I am walking the paths of righteousness, sending up prayers for a daughter of my own.

How rich I am. How rich my daughter is. How much I’ll miss the sound of Daddy praying when the good Lord calls him home. ♦

This article originally appeared in Signs of the Times.
It's been reprinted in numerous publications.

I'm sharing at Spiritual Sundays, where good people blog about good things.


  1. Oh, INDEED!! How rich you are! What a wonderful witness, and what a wonderful legacy.

  2. This is a wonderful article. I'm glad that it is has been reprinted many times and that you are sharing it this weekend. My Dad and Mom still pray for all of our family every day and my husband and I pray for our children every day, too. It is so important.
    I also like the way you have worded your link to Spiritual Sundays!

  3. How beautiful, what a legend your daddy is. Bless his heart of love and yours also. Hugs from Oz

  4. What a lovely tribute to your father! God bless you.

  5. Oh, Gayle, what a treasure and precious legacy. My heart is touched, indeed.

    Thank you for this encouragement to keep praying for my family.

  6. Yes, God not only hears, but He answers our prayers.

  7. How wonderful. I wish my Dad had been a praying Dad. I'm thankful that my mother was. Although she didn't pray out loud, I knew she was praying for me. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    p.s. The car picture brought back memories of the 1939 Chrysler we had when I was young. We still had it when I was in high school and I was so ashamed of that car because everyone else had newer models with the new 50s shapes.

  8. Such a beautiful character from a godly man. Oh if only all godly men will incessantly pray. Can't imagine the chains being broken, broken relationships being restored, prodigals returning home, etc...And what a beautiful treasure to be handed down, generation after generation. God bless your dad, you and your family and thank you for the warm visit.

  9. What a moving tribute to your Dad. You are indeed, blessd.

  10. Such a great tribute!

    I have such parents too...

    We are blessed!


  11. What a great memory...what a great dad....He is the best kind...I loved reading this.

  12. What a beautiful story. Rich indeed..yes! Takes me back to devotions in my own family as a young matter who came to visit they sat with us for nightly devotions and prayer.

  13. What a blessing it is to have a praying dad! Thank-you for sharing this with us.
    God Bless,

  14. What a wonderful legacy! I loved hearing my dad pray. I know that he and my mother prayed for me every day, just as I pray for my daughter. Thanks for posting this encouraging article.

  15. prayers of a righteous man can move mountains!

  16. What a sweet tribute to your father. And how wonderful to have a praying father... it's a beautiful legacy to pass on.

  17. Great post. Great Dad. Thanks for sharing this from your heart.

  18. This post brings back many childhood memories. Thanks.