Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Show and Tell Friday " - Poochies In A Basket

My mother has wonderful what-nots. One of my favorites as a child was this basket of poochies. In reality, it's a mother dog and her pups, but I always believed it represented me and my two sisters. The two puppies were me and my identical twin. The bigger dog was, of course, our big sister. Today, the poochies sit in my home office, reminding me of Mother and those carefree days of yore.

Hurry over to Cindy's delightful blog, "My Romantic Home," and see what other bloggers are sharing on this "Show and Tell Friday."


  1. Awwwww, now those poochies in a basket are just too adorable and what a wonderful memory that comes with them!


  2. What a sweet story and such a cute little pretty!

  3. How cute, and I love the sentiment behind it...that's what makes it so special.

    My show n tell is nothing but January Clearance items that I found if you'd like to view them....


    Would really enjoy your company today if you have time to stop by.

  4. Ohh. so sweet. Enjoyed reading your post. I have a collection for vintage doggies and figurines. Love dawgs! Thanks for sharing.